TWISP Notes #73


August 3, 2020

• You may have noticed something new on the team stats pages for August: some players now have a small ‘a’ or an ‘o’ next to their names. This signifies if a player or pitcher is currently playing for the team’s AAA club (a) or is currently injured, on the disabled list, or suspended (o). These designations will only be seen in the main Batting and Pitching stat boxes, and at some point I’ll be adding them to prior month’s pages as well.

• The Padres, hoping to make a late-season run at first place in the NL West, have revamped their lineup and are returning to one implemented by manager Roger Craig in May, when the team went 21-6 for the month. Oscar Gamble and Derrel Thomas will platoon in left, while Gene Tenace will alternate between catcher and first base; Gene Richards will be at first when Tenace is catching, and Rick Sweet will be behind the plate when Tenace starts at first.

• Oakland rookie Tim Conroy, called up from AAA Vancouver a week ago, was a last-minute replacement for scheduled starter Matt Keough in their game against Baltimore on August 21st. In 4.2 innings pitched, he gave up 12 hits and six runs in a 6-5 loss, dropping his lifetime ML record to 1-1. Conroy will be returned to the Canadians tomorrow to make room for veteran Steve Renko, who will be coming off the 21-day disabled list.

• Pray for Boston and Montreal if they ever have a player go on the DL: the Expos have only three fielders—all catchers who can’t hit—and five PB 2-5 pitchers available from their AAA squad, while the Bosox have just three players available: catcher Fred Kendall, outfielder Sam Bowen, and PB 2-5 pitcher Bobby Sprowl.

• With Mets third baseman Lenny Randle and backup Elliott Maddox both out with injuries, NY hot corner chores have fallen to Bobby Valentine (E10), who’s played five games at third this season, and Joel Youngblood (E9), who’s played three. Valentine started in the August 21st game against the Giants and made two errors in a 3-0 New York win.

• Cleveland activated outfielder Paul Dade from the 45-day disabled list on August 21st, after he spent 17 years out of action thanks to a collision with teammate Rick Manning during a July 6th game against Detroit. To make room on the roster for Dade, the Indians sent outfielder Danny Briggs to Portland of the PCL.

• The SP78 40th Anniversary trip to Cincinnati is—as of right now—a go! My friend Steve P and I will be departing Phoenix on August 20th, staying at the Marriott near Great American Ballpark (located on the spot where Riverfront Stadium once stood), visiting the Reds Hall of Fame, and playing a handful of SP78 games, including the 40th Anniversary contest between the Reds and Cardinals on Saturday, August 22nd. We’ll return to Phoenix on Sunday night.

• The starting lineups for the Reds-Cardinals 40th Anniversary game will be identical to those used in the actual August 22, 1978 contest; the starting pitchers will also be the same, with Tom Seaver (10-10, 2.97) going for the Reds, and John Denny (7-10, 3.38) starting for the Cards.

• The same number of games—four—that were played on SP78’s opening day will be played during the 40th anniversary on August 22nd; all will be NL match-ups.

• I’m currently working on updating player hitting streaks and team won-lost streaks, neither of which have been updated since 2006…a stretch of 36 SP78 days between July 15th and August 20th.

Listen to all four SP78 40th Anniversary games on
CBS Radio and the SP78 radio network!


8 responses to “TWISP Notes #73

  1. Seventeen years out of action! That’s a Roy Hobbs-like return!
    Fun to follow your progress.

    • And if only Dade could win a game with a Hobbs-like clout on the night of his return! I’ve had a few players spend a dozen or more years on the disabled list, and by the time Brewers catcher Andy Etchebarren makes his triumphant return (he’s currently on the 75-day DL), he’ll look more like Pop Fisher than Roy Hobbs. Thanks for the visit, Rob, and please keep enjoying the progress!

  2. Ah! That’s what you’re up to! An early Happy 40th Anniversary to Statis Pro 1978 Replay!

  3. Very excited for you to have your 40th anniversary games. I’m looking forward to reading about them.

    • Thanks, Ben! I was hoping to have time during that weekend to post an article or a game recap or two…we’ll see how that plays out. Otherwise, I’ll definitely post a few things when I get back!

  4. Sounds like a fun trip to Cincinnati. What’s the itinerary? Any special food, chili on spaghetti, Graeters ice cream, etc.?

    • Arrive Thursday afternoon, get to the hotel and hang out, and probably grab dinner somewhere. Friday morning is the Reds HOF and Museum visit, and in the afternoon/evening perhaps a walk across the old Roebling Suspension Bridge to Covington for a three-way bowl of chili (chili, cheese, spaghetti) and a cheese Coney at Gold Star. That night at the hotel will be the last SP78 AL game for August 21, 1978. Saturday will hopefully be lunch at the Reds-Bengals bar & grill next door to the hotel, if they’re open, then four 40th Anniversary SP78 NL games at the hotel, starting off with the Reds-Cardinals match-up; we’ll probably have dinner at a nearby joint at some point during the four games. Sunday will be one more NL game in the morning, then whatever else we can do in the area before we head to the airport.

      Have not heard of Graeter’s Ice Cream, but just now looked it up; if we can find one, we’re going! I might even buy a Graeter’s ice cream scoop to use at home! And hopefully I’ll get to check out Jet Age Records, across the river in Newport, KY.

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