Game Recaps Are Here!

Well, more recaps are here, I should say, with more on the way! While I continue getting additional scoresheets scanned and prepped for the Classic Scoresheets section of the blog, I thought I’d start adding game recaps to the Daily Scores section as well, which you can find in a dropdown box on the main page (see photo below). Over the past few years, I’ve randomly posted over thirty for July (starting with the July 21st slate of games) and nine for August, and I figured it was time for me to start adding them more frequently, beginning with April.

I’ve already posted six new recaps over the past few days, which you can find here (look for the blue ‘R’ links next to the score, as seen below), plus I found one for July in draft form that I decided to post as well (and can be directly accessed here).

I’m having fun writing these up, so hopefully I can get at least one posted every day or two…we’ll see how it goes. With every handful I add, I’ll make note in the Recent Site Updates section found on the bottom right side of the main page. Also, I may throw in a few recaps for May and June as well, just to balance things out a bit; as with April, I discovered they’d had no recaps posted yet, either.

2 responses to “Game Recaps Are Here!

  1. Good stuff. Lots to go through. Like the facts and the ticket stub photos. Funny to look back at the prices and the 20 cent stadium tax! Back when the ticket paid the salary and uniform and not for the lear jet, gold chain, Ferrari and visits to the red light districts! Look forward to reading more.

    • Cool, thanks for checking them out! I have fun writing up the newspaper-like recaps, but I guessed that a lot of people would enjoy the game facts section more, so I try to add to them the best I can.

      And yes, those prices on the tickets are almost laughable. I remember Padres tickets in the early-80s were something like $2.50, $3.50, and $4.50…oh yeah, and $1.00 for bleacher seats. Now, there’s like fifty different price options per team…all to pay for trips to the red light districts, of course. In Amsterdam.

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