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aStatistor, Baseball Robot
Developed by Sperry Rand in 1963, Statistor is a robotic information-gathering and data storage system, later modified by Texas Instruments specifically for use by Statis Pro 1978 Replay. Statistor will answer any and all SP78-related questions, either once a year or whenever the mood strikes him.


Dear Statistor,

I was wondering if you could tell me what the longest and shortest rain delays have been this season, and which ballpark has experienced the most called, postponed, and delayed games?

Olivia G.
Lowell, MI

Dear Olivia,

Since delay times are decided by random number draw of a Fast-Action card, no game can have a delay shorter than 11 minutes and longer than 88. The shortest delay has been 21 minutes, during an Astros-Pirates game at Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh, played just a few days ago on August 18th. The longest reached the maximum 88 minutes, at Fenway Park in Boston during the second game of a doubleheader between the White Sox and Red Sox on May 7th. Three Rivers Stadium leads both leagues with a total of seven games that have been called, postponed, or delayed; County Stadium in Milwaukee is the AL leader, with five.

And did you know the Supreme Controller used to wait out rain delays in real time? He gave up the practice in the 1990s.

Dear Stat Ros,

What’s the most number of hits a pitcher has allowed in a game this season? Also, have any short relief specialists, such as Terry Forster or Darold Knowles, gone beyond their normal limits and pitched more than three innings in an SP78 game?

Scott B.
Pasadena, CA

Dear Scott,

Statistor’s database has alerted him to the fact that you once called him a dick; therefore, Statistor will not answer your questions.


8 responses to “Ask Statistor

  1. I knew S.B. was a SP78 fan but didn’t know Olivia N.J. was one too.

    • Well, she may be, but it seems that Olivia G. is a fan as well. And no, that name doesn’t refer to the home goods store in University Park, Texas.

  2. Was it Statistor who I saw waving his steely arms and crying out “Danger, Bill Robinson, danger!!” while the Pirates were playing on a wet and slippery outfield?

    • Ha, yes, he must’ve been working one of his paying jobs, on a night he wasn’t busy with the SP78 site (which is most of the time). And thanks for today’s laugh…the first-ever Bill Robinson joke on this site!

  3. 10/21/86, now you need to do a story on the hat. Proctor Sporting Goods, never heard of it? Does it still exist, the hat that is or have the moths gotten to it? Plastic snap band in the back? Tell us more…

    • Hey, what does this question have to do with Statistor? Anyway, that’s not a bad idea, doing an article on that cap. There was once a Proctor’s in The Vineyard, in the space that Licorice Pizza took over, but I ended up buying the cap at the other location. And yes, I still own it…it’s safely packed away in a trunk, but it most certainly had seen better years by the time I’d retired it. In fact, it was more orange than red by the time 1986 rolled around!

      And plastic snap? Please…it was a pro-model sized cap, 7 3/8!

  4. Nothing to do with the Statistor, just no place to ask the question. I thought Proctor’s might be a place to go get your hemorrhoids fixed.

    • I guess if you don’t mind the doctor using a baseball bat to fix ’em, it’s the place to go for such procedures. And my ‘This Day in SP78 History’ became so filled with comments (over 1,000), I decided to close that part of it down, and I now direct people to the FAQ page instead; feel free to head over there whenever you like and ask away!

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