SP78 and the Blues

Just a photo of what I was up to recently at a hotel in Grand Rapids on a quiet Sunday evening: working on the SP78 site and watching the Blues take on the Bruins in Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final, with some liquid refreshment in a West Michigan Whitecaps cup in the background.


8 responses to “SP78 and the Blues

  1. Was the liquid refreshment a local IPA from a brewpub around the corner from the hotel?

    • Though there are many breweries around the greater Grand Rapids/Kentwood area, I chose to be intrepid and had a cold cup of chocolate milk while watching the Stanley Cup playoffs.

  2. Yahooooooo!!!!

  3. While I’m not a professional (at anything, really), it would appear to me that the Whitecaps cup rests in the foreground of the mentioned hockey game, not the background. But perhaps you were referring to the background of the SP78 HP Mini, I don’t know.

    • Ha, I knew that was going to cause trouble when I wrote it! I actually mulled over it for a bit, but realized, the cap is in the background of the HP, so it should be okay. But what else could I say…’the cup is camera left’ or ‘the cup that is seen resting betwixt the computer and television’? In the end, I figured, well, if anyone has a problem with it, they can take it up with the league commissioner. Oh, wait a minute…

  4. Quick, it’s not Nestle?

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