The New Scoresheets Are Here!

I’ve had some free time open up recently that pulls me away from my current behind-the-scenes SP78 work, so I’ve taken the opportunity to begin adding to the collection of game scoresheets found in the Classic Scoresheets section of the SP78 Museum header on the main page. Here you’ll find some of the more interesting, more memorable, and overall favorite scoresheets from my season; a short description of the game can be found under each thumbnail image, and if you click on the image, you’ll get a larger view, plus a brief history of the game and/or scoresheet underneath.

I last updated the page with a scoresheet from the game played during the trip my friend Steve P and I took to see the 1987 All-Star Game in Oakland, though I never did type up a history for it. That history has now been added; six additional scoresheets and their histories have also been added, with more to come over the next several days. And though I solved the earlier problem of a blank gap between the thumbnail images, it has now happened again, so I’ll be working on that little irritant as well.

Eventually, I hope to have over fifty scoresheets available to view on the site, with a few more sprinkled among the existing sheets when I get them scanned and finalized. Keep an eye on the Recent Site Updates column on the bottom-right side of the main page to keep track of my progress.

4 responses to “The New Scoresheets Are Here!

  1. Awesome. As always, thanks for sharing.

  2. Interesting is all I can say. Start with one and you keep going to the next. In 1988 while in Phoenix on the June 23rd game, did you celebrate anything the day before with your nearby neighbor? I can’t remember but you always do.

    • And that’s what my site is all about: keeping people interested enough that they’ll want to explore further! And in 1988, I totally remember what happened the day before June 23rd, and I don’t have to look it up, either: Scott and I went to see Who Framed Roger Rabbit at the Mann Sun Devil 6 in Tempe. It was our first full day in Arizona (after driving out from San Bernardino), and I’d tried calling you three or four times that day, but got no answer. You finally met up with us on the 23rd, when the three of us shot baskets at that park on McClintock late that night.

      And yeah, there was something else about June 22nd that rings a bell, but I can’t remember what it is…

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