SP78’s New Avatar

As some of you may have noticed, I changed my SP78 avatar photo about a week ago, replacing a rather smug looking photo of myself with one of actor Robert Redford from the movie The Natural. I decided to make the change a few years back, but wanted to wait until the 5th Anniversary of my movie blog site, Cinema Monolith, before putting it into use.

This change was made because, thanks to WordPress, if I replace one site’s avatar, it replaces the other one as well. Thus, my plan to change my movie site’s avatar to one of Clint Eastwood from Dirty Harry didn’t quite mesh with my baseball site (nor did one I considered from a personal cult movie favorite of mine, Curse of Bigfoot). So, I came up with an idea for an avatar that equally portrayed both site’s themes, which of course was a photo from a baseball movie.

So there you have it: my new avatar, a photo of a happy Roy Hobbs putting on his Knights baseball cap. And in case you’re wondering, no, I never once considered using a screenshot from Here Come the Tigers instead.

8 responses to “SP78’s New Avatar

  1. It’s a tough call as to who keeps their hair more perfectly from being mussed… Steve Garvey or Robert Redford.

    • I think we’ll have to call it a draw. And as long as we’re discussing baseball hair, we might as well mention Oscar Gamble’s afro, Mark Fidrych’s curls, and Dave Heaverlo’s lack thereof.

  2. I figured it would be Johnny since he is a tv star as well. Has he ever been in a film?

    • Johnny’s my site avatar, so you figured right there, but as far as films go, I don’t know…although I do know he appeared in TV episodes of Mission: Impossible and The Partridge Family. (I just checked IMDb…it looks like he was in ONE film, Easy Rider 2, playing a baseball scout, and also a 1993 episode of Married with Children).

  3. I don’t recall that picture I took with him, either the good looking lady next to me.

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