TWISP Notes #69


November 17, 2018

• Braves third baseman Bob Horner returned from the 30-day disabled list after spending nine years out of action, from July 17th to August 16th, after he was hit by a line drive and suffered two fractured fingers on his glove hand. In his first game back, Horner went 1-for-4 with a double, and handled two chances cleanly at third.

• Orioles skipper Earl Weaver became the third SP78 manager this season to be suspended, after he bumped third base umpire Don Denkinger during an argument August 13th at Memorial Stadium, and was ejected for ‘conduct detrimental to the game of baseball’. He will serve the suspension August 18th, when the Orioles play the Angels at Anaheim Stadium.

• After having just one player attempt to steal a base over the first two months of the season (Rick Bosetti, who was caught stealing by Bosox catcher Carlton Fisk on May 22nd), the run-happy Blue Jays have now had 13 players—all ‘D’ or ‘E’ runners—make steal attempts through August. Only four have been successful, and their current SB/CS ratio stands at 6/34.

• In comparison, Bake McBride of the Phillies is 33-1 in stolen base attempts through August 17th.

• After batting .370 in July, Giants catcher Mike Sadek—subbing for an injured Marc Hill—is mired in a 1-for-20 August slump.

• The Tigers defeated the Indians 10-1 in the fifth and final Mango Memorial Game, played on September 5, 2018 at site AZ18 in Peoria, Arizona. The date will now be retired from further SP78 play.

• Recent Brewers AAA call-up Mark Bomback made his first appearance with the squad on August 17th, starting on the mound against the Blue Jays and earning his first major league victory in an 8-1 Milwaukee win. The Brewers winning streak now stands at three games, after they’d lost six straight, and moved them back to four games behind the first place Yankees in the AL East.

• If all goes according to schedule, SP78 game #1,600 will be played on August 18th at the Kingdome in Seattle, between the Yankees and the host Mariners; the game will feature NY ace Ron Guidry going for his 17th win. The milestone total includes games that have been called or postponed due to inclement weather, but does not include exhibition contests or the SP78 All-Star Game.

• KC third baseman George Brett, recently returned from the disabled list, went 8-for-10 with five doubles over his last two games, earning him back-to-back Yesterday’s MVP recognition in the American League.

• Season statistics for every NL and AL player and team are now current through August 17th, with the NL slate of games for August 18th scheduled to begin soon. This is the first time in SP78 history that all stats have been completely finalized up to the current date of the season.

SP78 Fans! August 21st is McDonald’s Junior Jays Day at Toronto!


6 responses to “TWISP Notes #69

  1. Congrats on getting the stats up-to-date. Now, managerial decisions will be based on current data. I still think there has to be a way to give Mike Ivie a catcher’s mitt and stick his sorry rump behind the plate. Not that I’d hate to see the Giants drop out of the pennant race due to poor hitting from the catcher’s slot. Go Padres!

    • Hey, thanks for the congrats! Now I just have to get the Excel pages finished, and I can keep track of current leaders as well. As for your plans for Ivie: right now the Giants have Hill and Sadek as their starting and backup catchers, with John Tamargo also on the parent club to cover Hill’s injury, and Dennis Littlejohn ready and waiting in AAA Phoenix. So…not much room to squeeze Ivie into a catcher’s role, even though he’s batting a robust .365 (and I know that because I now have CURRENT STATS!). If all four catchers suddenly go down with typhoid fever, I promise you, Ivie will be my new #1 backstop.

  2. What’s the give-away at the McDonald’s Junior Jay Day in Toronto mentioned at the end? Small fries?

    • After digging through the 1978 Blue Jays program, I discovered that, sadly, there is no giveaway, but what you do get is this: “Fans 14 and under can purchase a general admission ticket for half-price ($1) on select dates. Membership cards are available free at any participating McDonald’s restaurant.”

      All in all, I think I’d prefer the small fries…

  3. Is September 5th the only retired date from the SP78 league or are there others?

    • Besides September 5th, there are two other dates that have been ‘locked’ from further play: September 6th and December 30th. The September date is the earliest date to have only one game played, way back in 1980 (the season started two weeks earlier, on August 22nd), and I wanted to memorialize that somehow. The December date has only seen two games played, in 1992 and 1994, and they hold special meaning because a) the first was the day I played a game after my first date with Julie, and b) the second was when I played one during a trip Julie and I took to Catalina Island.

      Also, August 22nd is reserved for special event games only, such as anniversary games, the launch of this blog site, and the game that was played outside the actual Memorial Stadium in Baltimore back in ’92.

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