Todd 13 crop

2 responses to “Todd 13 crop

  1. Let ME repeat: CONGRATULATIONS Commish!! This appears to have been a super significant accomplishment and I’m glad that you’re glad!!

    If there’s supposed to be a hyperlink to The Summer of Beer & Whiskey book there isn’t – which is fine but it definitely has my interest! The advertising which I’d never before had enough “mental silence” to enjoy are clever and entertaining as heck!! Great job Todd !!!

    • Thank you, Julie! It IS an accomplishment, and when I wrap up the American League, I’ll…well, I’ll get to start on the million other SP78 site projects I’ve been negligent with!

      Nope, there is no link attached to that baseball book…but if you’re interested in reading it, it’s yours! And thanks for checking out the ads…did they make you hungry for Cheez-Its and compelled to purchase some lumber?

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