All NL Statistics Are Now Current!

Believe it or not, for the first time since 1989, statistics for the National League are up-to-date to the current point of my SP78 season: August 16th, 1978. No more will I have to take the collected stats for June (which I completed while playing July games, well after June had wrapped up), add them to the stats for July, then add them to the current stats for August, just to get up to the minute stats for a particular player or team. Let me repeat: the NL is CAUGHT UP!

I know it may not seem like a big deal, but trust me, it is; having gone nearly thirty years without current stats, and to suddenly (well, after a few months of relentless work) now have them full and complete at my fingertips, well, that’s definitely something for me to celebrate. Which I think I’ll do later this afternoon with a bike ride to a nearby Barro’s for pizza.

These updated stats can be found by clicking the ‘Statistics’ drop-down on the main page header, hovering the pointer over an NL division and team, then clicking on ‘Current Season Stats’. You’ll find that some stats and stat totals are blank; those will remain that way until the end of August. Right now, figuring out those numbers game-by-game is much more time-consuming than I’m willing to commit to.

And later today I’ll begin work on the American League pages, which hopefully won’t take very long now that I have a system and rhythm down. Though NL games for the 17th are complete, I’ll let you enjoy these stats from the 16th for a bit before I add those other numbers in. And don’t forget to take a look at the Cardinals stat page and see how that 15-year-old rookie sensation is doing thus far in the ’78 campaign!

4 responses to “All NL Statistics Are Now Current!

  1. Let ME repeat: CONGRATULATIONS Commish!! This appears to have been a super significant accomplishment and I’m glad that you’re glad!!

    If there’s supposed to be a hyperlink to The Summer of Beer & Whiskey book there isn’t – which is fine but it definitely has my interest! The advertising which I’d never before had enough “mental silence” to enjoy are clever and entertaining as heck!! Great job Todd !!!

    • Thank you, Julie! It IS an accomplishment, and when I wrap up the American League, I’ll…well, I’ll get to start on the million other SP78 site projects I’ve been negligent with!

      Nope, there is no link attached to that baseball book…but if you’re interested in reading it, it’s yours! And thanks for checking out the ads…did they make you hungry for Cheez-Its and compelled to purchase some lumber?

  2. Congrats on getting the stats up to date, and on your .429 BA! I think the Cards #13 should go for the Campenaris special and play all nine positions in a game, maybe for Fan Appreciation Day?

    • Coincidentally, earlier today I was thinking about what I might do with my alter-ego for the last game of the regular season: my first thought was, I’d play short and have my Springfield teammate Gary Sutherland called up to play second base, for his only appearance of both the 1978 and SP78 seasons. But your idea has merit, too…that could be my claim to fame for the SP78 season, a achievement that no other player would have even attempted.

      The Cards play at home over the final three days of the season, but I don’t have any information for when a Fan Appreciation Day is scheduled. So maybe I can do my plan on one of the days, and yours on another. That is, if I haven’t been demoted to AAA by then…

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