The SP78 Table of Mystery

So what the heck is going on here? Take a look at the photo below, taken in late December of 2016, and tell me why I played an SP78 game under these strange but necessary conditions:

Yes, I played the entire Padres-Mets match-up for August 15th with three of the four chairs pulled away from the table. But the question is, why? Did I leave the game for a bathroom break before the first pitch, only to find poltergeist activity had taken place while I was away? Did the table shrink during the first inning? Did three impolite friends I’d invited over to watch the game suddenly stand up and leave, without bothering to push in their chairs?

Before clicking on the ‘continue reading’ link, see if you can come up with a plausible (or perhaps even not-so-plausible) answer to this puzzler, then tell me in the comment section below what you’ve guessed.

And here’s the answer:

Yes, my little Balinese cat Jade was the culprit, repeatedly jumping up on the table while I was trying to set up the game, wanting nothing more than to be near me, and hanging out smack-dab on top of the playing field. I thought pulling back the chairs—thus removing that step of the jumping/climbing process—would solve the problem. Wrong! I remembered my cat Mango couldn’t jump that high in her later years, but stupidly forgot that my new cat was a dozen years younger, and could jump that high, making the displacement of chairs an absolute waste of time and effort.

I finally had to banish him to my bedroom, safely locked behind closed doors, allowing me to start the game without his playful paws scattering pawns and player cards all over the tabletop. And I wonder what Mets starting pitcher Craig Swan was thinking while trapped under those two giant furry feet, screaming for help as eight razor-sharp feline claws flexed dangerously above him. It’s not surprising he was a nervous wreck at game time, and wound up as the losing pitcher in a 2-1 Padres win.

16 responses to “The SP78 Table of Mystery

  1. Looks like a vacuum cleaner in between innings.

    • Ha, it looks like that might be the case, but as you found out…not quite. A good guess, though…at the very least, I would probably need to vacuum the game board just to remove the cat hair!

  2. Through her antics on the playing field, she is reminding of a serious message: “cat lives matter.” (Whether one or all nine, I am not sure).

  3. The neighbors behind the adjoining wall were “going at it” ?!?

    • Going at it loud enough to jolt the chairs a good couple of feet from the table? Good lord, if that were the case, they’d probably scatter my cards and pawns worse than Jade did!

  4. Very clever reveal !! And beautiful giddies.

  5. And I thought you were having a musical chairs party!

  6. I’ll bet my Brando would love to play with Jade but not sure if that feeling would be mutual. lol.

  7. Could be the infield with the table as the pitchers mound and the chairs as the bases?

    • Though you don’t see it in the comments, someone at work read the article and made the same guess. Sadly, you’re both just a bit off the mark; neither of you had any cats involved.

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