July AL Award Winners Announced!

And now it’s time for the American League award winners for July, coming on the heels of current AL stats recently being finalized through the end of that month. Check out the complete list below; for a more detailed look at prior recipients, a description of each award, and photos of the trophies and plaques awarded, check the ‘SP78 Awards’ section of the Statistics dropdown link on the main menu above.

AL Player of the Month
Graig Nettles, New York Yankees
.333 BA, 39 hits, 10 home runs, 23 RBI, 2-HR game, Diamond Glove

AL Pitcher of the Month
Mike Caldwell, Milwaukee Brewers
4-0, 0.68 ERA, 4 CG, 3 shutouts, pitched the second SP78 no-hitter

Fire Chief Trophy
Don Stanhouse, Baltimore Orioles
4-0, 5 saves

Crystal Slugger Award
Reggie Jackson, New York Yankees
.712 slugging percentage

Barnes Memorial Trophy
Buddy Bell, Cleveland Indians
.364 batting average

Bradley Memorial Trophy
Mike Caldwell, Milwaukee Brewers
0.68 earned run average

Diamond Glove Award
C – Jim Sundberg, Texas Rangers
1B – Andre Thornton, Cleveland Indians
2B – Bobby Grich, California Angels
SS – Luis Gomez, Toronto Blue Jays
3B – Graig Nettles, New York Yankees
OF – Steve Kemp, Detroit Tigers
OF – Rick Manning, Cleveland Indians
OF – Dwight Evans, Boston Red Sox

Iron Glove Award
Robin Yount, Milwaukee Brewers
10 errors – SS

Hothead of the Month Award
Ross Baumgarten, Chicago White Sox
1 ejection and 1 suspension

As mentioned before, two additional awards that were presented during the SP78 All-Star Game were discovered while I was researching historical notes from the game, and have now been included on the All-Star Game awards page.

6 responses to “July AL Award Winners Announced!

    • Poop indeed! But remember, these are the American League winners, so you won’t see any Padres players here. But don’t fret: Dave Winfield was Player of the Month in May, and two SD fielders have won Diamond Gloves this season. And two Padres did win awards in July, but they weren’t good ones: Bill Almon took home the Iron Glove Award, while catcher Gene Tenace flipped his lid three times in July and was awarded the NL Hothead of the Month.

  1. Based on the stats of the award who stands out the most on this list?

    • I’d say Don Stanhouse for the Fire Chief Trophy. He went 4-0 with 5 saves for July, and even though other relievers who’ve won the award have had more saves (Doug Bair of the Reds had nine saves in July), Don’s been the only one to have such an impressive won-lost record.

      • Man, I was going to make a Stanhouse comment earlier but I got interrupted. The way the game has been played since the mid-80’s, there’s like zero chance to go 4-0 with 5 saves in one month. It’s much more likely to go 0-4 with 5 saves. But I’m not sure how the game is played post-1994, because I haven’t really paid attention, so maybe now it’s common. Ridiculous contracts for pitchers that don’t perform and haven’t seen a complete game since high school. You can officially insert your “Get off my lawn” comment here . . .

      • “Hey, welcome to my lawn!” Your comment arrived as I was downloading a few games from the 1980s and 1990s to add to my collection: a Giants-Mets game on NBC from 1989, and a Tigers-Blue Jays match-up on CBC from 1992. Man oh man, I miss watching games from this era…Vin Scully calling the action on NBC, that familiar intro for the ESPN games, Al Michaels on ABC Monday Night Baseball, etc, etc. I’ve saved enough to last me a long time, which I’m thankful for. Plus I have all those games on tape I recorded myself, which hopefully I can someday transfer to digital. When I get the chance to visit, I’ll bring some down for us to watch.

        And I was surprised to find Stanhouse had done so well in July…the O’s are a .500 team right now, so I didn’t expect to find any Fire Chief possibilities there when I went looking for AL candidates. And here’s something even more crazy: through July he’s 9-1 with ten saves! The O’s aren’t too far out of first, so maybe he, Palmer, and McGregor can help turn things around, and make it a 4-team race in the AL East.

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