Ask Statistor

aStatistor, Baseball Robot
Developed by Sperry Rand in 1963, Statistor is a robotic information-gathering and data storage system, later modified by Texas Instruments specifically for use by Statis Pro 1978 Replay. Statistor will answer any and all SP78-related questions, either bi-monthly or whenever the mood strikes him.


Greetings, Statistor!

How many players retired during the actual 1978 season, and will those players be removed from SP78 play on their retirement dates?

Joe S.
Pittsburgh, PA

Dear Joe,

Of players who opened the SP78 season on major league rosters, or who exist on AAA player cards, 87 played their final major league games during the true 1978 season. It is not known which of these actually made retirement announcements, since many continued playing in the minor leagues or overseas beyond 1978, without ever returning to a major league team.

Also, all players who appeared in their final major league game that year will be eligible to play throughout the entire SP78 campaign, with none being removed on their ‘final game played’ date. This includes outfielder Lyman Bostock, who will continue to play for the Angels despite his death in September, and AAA Columbus infielder Jim Fregosi, who will remain with the Pirates and be eligible for SP78 play, even though he left the organization and took over as manager of the Angels in June.

Dear Statistron,

Will you be able to watch my son Chip?

Brent P.
Charleston, SC

Dear Brent,

Are you requesting service on a Sun Microsystems microprocessing chip? Or are you asking for assistance in the upbringing of a male child with the scatological nickname of Chip? If the former, please contact the Oracle Corporation directly. If the latter, Statistor does not have the capability—nor desire—to nurture human offspring; you may want to check into renting the UNIVAC 1005 for your child-rearing needs.


4 responses to “Ask Statistor

  1. Just admiring the Statistor post! No particular commentary.

  2. We rented the UNIVAC1005 from Home Depot. It also takes care of the floors. Thanks for the tip on the Chip!

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