13-14 July Keeps Brewers From Gaining Ground

The Milwaukee Brewers ended the month of June in second place in the AL East, just one game behind the first-place Yankees; one month later, they were still in second, but had dropped to five games back, after a disappointing 13-14 July. With the Yanks still going strong in July, the Brewers really needed to keep pace, but instead they now find themselves not only in danger of slipping further away from first, but also losing their hold on second place to the resurgent Tigers, now nipping at their heels in third place, just 3½ games back.

Helping to keep the Brewers afloat was the stellar pitching of starting ace Mike Caldwell, playing in his first full season with Milwaukee, who went 4-0 for the month with a 0.68 earned run average and four complete games in five starts. His season record stands at 16-4, and with two full months left to play, he should be a shoo-in for his first career 20-win season, and possibly his first Cy Young Award. Also making an impact was reliever Ed Farmer, called up from AAA in early July, who finished the month with a 1-0 record, three saves, and an ERA of 1.29. At the plate, utility player Don Money led struggling Milwaukee batters with a .329 average, while starting in nearly every game at either first, third, or DH. Paul Molitor had 33 hits to add to his team-leading total of 111, and Gorman Thomas powered eight HRs to boost his season tally to 19.

To check out the Brewers’ team page for statistics and results through July, click here. The boxes for league leaders, team rankings, and award totals have been left blank; these numbers will be added after all AL team statistics have been finalized, and July award winners have been picked.

8 responses to “13-14 July Keeps Brewers From Gaining Ground

  1. With the M and the B on the glove, I think this is one of the best logos in baseball.

    • I think it’s pretty cool, too, but what’s funny is, I don’t think it’s that well liked overall, based on different comments about it I’ve read on-line. To me, it’s a heck of a lot better than the other three logos the Brewers have had in their lifetime.

  2. The 70s logo is horrible. I have been away from baseball too long, didn’t even know they dropped that logo. Thought they were still using it. That explains why I didn’t recognize any names at the Reds vs Padres game today. With the lil guy we made it thru 5 innings. Also spring training ends tomorrow and the season begins on March 28th. Guess it is the first time to start before April 1st. Maybe the fans are fed up with the World Series going into November and want to wrap it up in October.

    • That first logo looks like something that would exist in the 1950s, while the last one would be better suited as a sign in front of a bar and grill. As for the third…well, let’s just say I hope the Brewers denied payment to the designer who sleepwalked through that one. Was that the Chipper’s first baseball game that he saw live? What happened at the fifth inning…did he fall asleep, or begin vomiting due to lack of interest? And it looks like the major league season has started in March a few times in the past, but this season will be the earliest start ever. And once again there will be regular season games played outside the US, which I think is absolutely ridiculous.

  3. We went to one of the games in Goodyear last year, so his second game. Only 6 innings because the game moves at a snails pace. If baseball would go back to the 70s attitudes I would watch again but with todays players I’ll check the standings every couple of months or so. That’s all I can take as the reflection of all the gold chains and diamond earrings hurts my eyes. They could probably run the bases faster if they left all of that to the Rappers!

    • Gold chains, diamond earrings, pajamas for uniforms, three divisions per league, a Dodgers-Astros World Series, corporate stadium names that change every week, games that last 3+ hours, ballpark atmosphere geared more towards children than adults, ridiculous salaries, higher ticket prices to cover ridiculous salaries…I don’t even bother with the standings.

  4. And don’t forget the $10 beer.

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