July Another Positive Month for Halos

The California Angels enjoyed their second straight winning month in July, going 15-14 and moving from sixth to fifth place in the AL West with an overall record of 48-58. However, they’re still quite a long way from first, as they dropped to 16½ games behind the front-running Rangers, and three games back of the fourth place A’s. In contrast, the 1978 club at this point in the season was in second place with a mark of 56-50, just four games behind the Kansas City Royals, who went on to capture the division crown.

Third baseman Carney Lansford continued his bid for AL Rookie of the Year honors, batting .339 for the month with a team-leading 38 hits and nine doubles; for the season he has 144 hits in 102 games, good for a .335 mark. Designated hitter Don Baylor hit nine HRs and drove in 21 runners in July to lead California in the power department, and by the end of the month had reached the 30-HR plateau for the first time in his career; he also added a second 3-HR game to his list of SP78 achievements. And newcomer Dave Machemer made a statement after his mid-season call-up from Salt Lake City by hitting four home runs (two of them grand slams), collecting 14 RBI, and hitting .368 in just seven games with the parent club. On the mound, starter Dave Frost went 4-1 with a 2.43 ERA, and reliever Dave LaRoche went 2-0 with three saves and a 0.47 ERA, to lead an otherwise underachieving Angels pitching staff.

To check out the Angels statistics page for totals through July, click here. The boxes for league leaders, team rankings, and award totals have been left blank; these numbers will be added after all AL team statistics have been finalized, and July award winners have been picked.

10 responses to “July Another Positive Month for Halos

  1. Machemer is likely on the short list of players who have done more in SP78 than they did in their entire MLB career! It doesn’t look like playoffs are in the Angels’ future, but it’s good to see a few guys making the most of their opportunity.

    • Yeah, it’s fun having guys like Machemer playing in my season…many of them only played a few games in 1978, but when they end up doing so well in SP78, it’s tough for me to limit their playing time just to match their actual games played. So, I just play ’em. And suddenly guys like Machemer and Darrel Chaney and Tom Paciorek become hitting dynamos, and heroes to millions of SP78 followers around the world.

  2. I thought you might have slipped here or there and called them Anaheim.

  3. What’s a “Halo” (that’s not of the angelic variety) and can I punch you square in the jaw too? 🙂

    • Halo is a nickname for the baseball Angels…like Bucs is for the Pirates, Bengals is for the Tigers, Bosox is for the Red Sox, and Tribe is for the Indians. And no, you may NOT punch me in the jaw…unless my jaw is on fire, and you’re putting it out with your fist.

      • grandrapidsgirl

        I’ll settle for tossing a box of baking soda on your head. Never heard of the Angels referred to as Halos. Seems like the same # of syllables. What do they call the Diamondbacks? “Fangs?”

      • Ha, I actually have an answer for you: ‘D-Backs’! Because, obviously, three syllables is just too damn much to deal with.

  4. Bengals for the Tigers is a new one for me, never heard that one before. Add some vinegar to the baking soda.

    • I even remember listening to a Tigers game on the radio back in 1978 while I was in Ohio, and announcer Paul Carey was discussing minor league scores, and called the Detroit farm team the ‘Baby Bengals’. And why does everyone want to dump baking products on my head?

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