NL League Leaders Through July are Available!

League leaders in all major categories, both player and team (and current through July 31st), have been added to all team stat pages in the National League, and are ready for your perusal. Bold red numbers indicate individual leaders in that category, while bold orange numbers designate players tied for the league lead. If you’d rather not dig through each team’s page searching for these select players, leaders in a few of the major categories are listed below. And check out that Triple Crown contender!

Batting Average: .389, Reggie Smith, LA
Runs: 80, Reggie Smith, LA
Hits: 153, Larry Bowa, PHA
Doubles: 32, Dave Concepcion, CIN
Home Runs: 37, Reggie Smith, LA
RBI: 90, Reggie Smith, LA
Walks: 70, Jeff Burroughs, ATL
Strikeouts: 117, Dave Kingman, CHI
Stolen Bases: 66, Ozzie Smith, SD
HBP: 13, Dave Cash, MON

Games: 49, Doug Bair, CIN
Starts: 24, Pat Zachry, NY-N
Innings Pitched: 182.0, Vida Blue, SF
Wins: 14, Gaylord Perry, SD
Losses: 15, Jerry Koosman, NY-N
Saves: 20, Kent Tekulve, PIT
ERA: 1.35, Craig Swan, NY-N
Complete Games: 11, Gaylord Perry, SD
Strikeouts: 168, JR Richard, HOU
Walks: 64, Pat Zachry, NY-N

4 responses to “NL League Leaders Through July are Available!

  1. Cool! To me the biggest surprise is Pat Zachry leading the NL in starts. In the “real” 1978 he was fifth on his own team. I still think that Rose is going to catch Bowa in the hits department, but as dominant as the Phillies have been, I’m surprised they’re not on the leader board a bit more.

    • I’m assuming you checked out Philadelphia’s stat page for July, and saw how deficient it was in the leader department…only a couple of red and orange ‘leader’ numbers present. I guess the Phillies are the perfect definition of ‘team effort’. Then again, they only lead in one team category, but it’s a doozy: ERA, which may explain why they currently rule the NL East standings. And that should be a good race, Bowa vs Rose for the hits lead; right now, through August 15th, the Reds and Phillies have played the same number of games, but Bowa now leads Rose by ten hits (he’s collected 29 to Rose’s 21 in August). That final weekend of the season should be a lot of fun as far as stat races go!

  2. I just noticed all teams in the NL have somebody on the Leaders List except St. Louis, does this explain their last place appearance?

    • An interesting point, and one I hadn’t noticed until now. Overall I’d say it’s their ineffective pitching, which would thus translate to a lack of league leaders (although they do lead in a few of the more obscure categories…check out their stat page for more on that). Cards catcher Ted Simmons was on the list just before it posted, the NL leader in doubles, but at the last minute I saw that Reds shortstop Dave Concepcion had one more two-bagger than he did, so Simmons was bounced. I think what the Cardinals need right now is some sort of spark, that would boost the offense both statistically and spiritually…a 15-year-old rookie phenom, perhaps.

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