Expos Going Through The Motions In July

After hitting their high-water won-lost mark of 17-12 in May, the Expos seemingly gave up hope of catching the front-running Phillies in the NL East, going 11-17 in June and 13-18 in July to drop from 3½ to a whopping 18 games back of first place in the Eastern division. Having played the most games in July in the National League, with 31, the Expos also found themselves leaders in losses and innings pitched, and these numbers were reflected in the sub-par won-lost totals of their six main starters (Rogers, Schatzeder, Grimsley, May, and Sanderson), who were a combined 8-11 for the month and served up a league-leading 270 hits. A 7-game losing streak towards the end of the month didn’t help matters, either.

At the plate, Dave Cash led the regulars in July with a .303 batting average, while Warren Cromartie leads the team at .302 for the season. Andre Dawson and Ellis Valentine were the squad’s production leaders, sharing the top statistical spots for Montreal in doubles, home runs, and RBI, with Dawson also leading in triples and stolen bases.

Bright spots for Montreal included utility infielder Pepe Frias, who as a pinch-hitter and defensive replacement in July hit .443 and led the NL in triples with seven (despite just 61 at-bats for the month), and newcomer Bill Atkinson, who in eight games as a reliever went 2-2 with one save and a 1.46 ERA, after being called up to the Expos from the Denver Bears on July 1st.

To check out the Expos page for statistics through July, click here. The boxes for team rankings have now been finalized, and now appear on the July stat pages of every previous NL team, including Montreal. However, boxes for league leaders and award winners are still blank, and numbers will be added after all NL team statistics have been finalized, and July award recipients have been picked.


8 responses to “Expos Going Through The Motions In July

  1. The Expos were 13-19 in the “real” July 1978, so this was to be expected. Spoiler alert – they were worse in August. You may also need to check Ross Grimsley’s card to make sure you have him throwing with his left hand – he’s a 20 game winner in ’78 (seventh in the Cy Young voting) and your stats make him look a bit more like Ed Grimley.

    • Ha! Thanks for the hilarious comparison…two entirely different goofy hairstyles with that pair! And thanks for the facts on Grimsley…I didn’t realize he’d won twenty that year, and it makes me wonder if the scholars at Avalon Hill pulled a Sakata and goofed up the numbers on his pitcher card somehow. Good lord, he’s nowhere near being a Cy Young candidate! But Steve Rogers has a 2.18 ERA, yet he’s only 11-8, so maybe these pitchers aren’t getting any run support from their snoozing teammates.

  2. No technical comments here but who are the Montreal Expos? You will have to explain to todays marshmellows and snowflakes. Getting speedy on team stat postings. Who is the next team on the list? Washington Nationals? Whoops, just gave it away.

    • R.I.P. – Montreal Expos – 1969-2004. And the Washington Nationals? Weren’t they the team that always had to play the Harlem Globetrotters in exhibitions? And the next team on my list of July stat postings would be…whichever team follows Montreal alphabetically in the National League. Come to think of it, I think you might’ve been a fan of theirs once…

  3. Lets go Mets!

    • Next time you play, you’ll have to manage the Mets…still a player or two on the SP78 squad that you’ll recognize from the ’69 team.

  4. Tom Seaver, Rusty Staub, Ed Kranepool?

    • Seaver is on the Reds, Staub is on the Tigers, and Kranepool is on…the Mets! After a quick check, the only other player from the ’69 team that plays for the ’78 squad is Jerry Koosman…although a lot of players – including Wayne Garrett, Nolan Ryan, and Jerry Grote – are part of the SP78 season, but just on other teams.

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