July Continues Downward Spiral for Astros

The Astros experienced yet another sub-.500 record in July, going 12-16 for the month and dropping to fifth place in the NL West, a full 20 games behind the division-leading Dodgers. Houston has yet to have a winning month this season, and saw their fortunes take a downward turn late in July when three players—Art Howe, Terry Puhl, and Denny Walling—went on the 15-day disabled list with injuries. Ace starter J.R. Richard is also having a rough time; though his ERA is a respectable 2.42, his won-lost record stands at 9-9, and his chances of repeating his 20-win season of 1976 are looking more and more slim as the SP78 campaign progresses.

On a positive note, Enos Cabell is among the league leaders in hits, with 139, and he went 16-for-18 in steal attempts for the month (the team’s 161 total stolen bases leads the National League). Also worth mentioning is the fact that SP78 manager Steve P. has taken part in piloting the Astros in two games this season—including one game in July—and has won them both.

To check out the Astros page for statistics through July, click here. The boxes for league leaders, team rankings, and award totals have been left blank; these numbers will be added after all NL team statistics have been finalized, and July award winners have been picked.

37 responses to “July Continues Downward Spiral for Astros

  1. Why don’t you replace that useless sack of garbage manager Bill Virdon with this Steve P.? I wouldn’t care if he kept prostitutes in the dugout during games, he’s a proven winner. To my knowledge, still the only manager to successfully pull off a flea flicker in Statis-Pro baseball.

    • Don’t forget, you co-managed with Steve during one of those Houston wins, so if he’s hired as manager, you’d have to be brought on as a coach. That way, you can both be in charge of the trollops. I mean, the player cards. And I remember that flea flicker…sure, it was successful, but five of his players were injured on the play.

      • grandrapidsgirl

        Okay, so I was overcome for a moment. Sorry. The leader of our country is a bad influence. I blame Trump for everything bad these days. Including any SP78 Reds losses.

      • No need to apologize; if I could do it all over again, I’d actually do a little cheating for Cincinnati by completing a trade (that the real commissioner vetoed in 1978) that would’ve sent ace pitcher Vida Blue to the Reds before the season started. He and Seaver as a 1-2 starting tandem punch would’ve definitely helped the team, in real life AND in my replay season. I might’ve even nixed a deal that sent Tony Perez to the Expos back in ’76, and kept him with the Reds instead.

  2. Have yet to see a bbcard with Enos on it. What was his Mother thinking?!? Hope the Astros rebound. Really the Padres. But were they even invented yet?

    Baseball Stupid, Indigent & Stranded in Michigan. ;o

    • Yes, the Padres had been invented by 1978…they came into play in 1969. And their first game, and first win, was against…the Astros. And we DON’T want the Astros to rebound, because that would mean they’ve moved ahead of the Reds into fourth place! And now, you can no longer say you’ve never seen an Enos Cabell baseball card:

      • EXCELLENT!!
        What? You’re not pulling for the Tigers?!? Ha ha – just kidding.
        So the Padres emerged as we left Canada for the delightful hamlet of Niles.
        Love the Enis exchange! – go Dracula 😮
        Thanks Todd!

      • Actually, I kinda am pulling for the Tigers…I hope they or the Brewers can overtake the Yankees in the AL East and meet up with the Rangers or Twins in the ALCS. And if the Tigers can’t make a go of it, maybe the Whitecaps can! 🙂

      • Lol – now I’m quite sure you’ve got a screw loose!
        If I’m not mistaken, the 26th – 29th of this month, the Whitecaps play the Dayton Dragons (and you know who’s training team they are right?), but they’re all away games – bummer. Like I would get to go anyway – but it’s fun to think about. 🙂

      • Why, I believe the Dragons are an affiliate of the Cincinnati Reds! And on May 15-16-17 the Whitecaps play at home against Bowling Green…unfortunately, it’s the one in Kentucky, not Ohio. Still, it would be cool to visit that ballpark again…a neat place to see a game.

  3. How can the Commissioner favor the Reds? Neutral Commissioner? How can he oversee any Reds game without bringing into question some sort of Pete Rose gambling scandal but done with cards, not money? I want some sort of committee looking into the Commissioner and his SP78 practices! Dracula in Romania.

    • It’s not a conflict of interest at all…like Rose during his managerial years, I’m always FOR the Reds, not against them, so I’m always doing my best to lead them to victory. And since I never let anyone else manage Cincinnati except me, it’s my opponent who’s to blame for the Reds losing all the time, not me (although, yes, most of the time I am that opponent) And you might want to look into backing a few more committees…the Commissioner is also pulling for the Padres, Cubs, Rangers, Twins, Tigers, and Brewers.

  4. Enos baseball card could have been worse. Mom could have spelt it Enis. Let’s get this cleaned up.

  5. I don’t think Prince Harry would agree here.

    • Okay, I’ve had a few days to puzzle over this, and I still can’t figure out what your comment is referencing (and neither can my employees over at the SP78 Department of Statistics). Is Harry not agreeing with a) Astros skipper Bill V being replaced by Steve P, b) my promise that I’m not cheating to help the Reds win, or c) the idea that Enos Cabell’s mother should’ve given him a different – and less inappropriate – name?

    • Just cheat so the Reds win!

      • Say it ain’t so, Julie. Say it ain’t so.

      • It took you TWO YEARS to think up a response to this? Okay, two can play at that game…I’ll take two years as well! 😜

      • What’s up with latent hostility that has recently begun to oooze from your something-or-other?!? For gosh sakes!! I forgot to turn the NOTIFY button ON!! Nothing passive/aggressive going on here on my end of the blogosphere.

        Furthering the irritation and frustration, I have no control over the existence of the REPLY button, consequently I was unable to so cleverly as you, insert this in precisely the correct spot!! Nice!

        In the unlikely event that one it both of us are not around in 2 years when you CONTEMPTUOUSLY formulate your reply to this . . . I hope “The Count” is paying attention!!! And rooting his ass off for (wait for it) . . .
        ENOS ! ! ! 🤪🤪🤪

        Been a long week already, and it shows don’t it!!?

      • Latent? Why, I thought I was being rather clear and up-front with my hostility! Glad you got the button/reply situation worked out, and just so you know, there are usually TWO replay buttons, and I often goof up and choose the wrong one: one to comment on the review or post itself, or one to reply to a particular comment!

        And that was the joke: I said I was going to reply in two years, yet I was already replying right then and there! And here I am doing it again! And I’m guessing there’s no way I’ll remember to respond again in 2021, even if I write down a reminder somewhere. And at first I thought you were referring to John ‘The Count’ Montefusco, a pitcher for the Giants…but now I know who you mean. And I’ll be sure to let Enos know you’re crazy about him.

  6. I can’t figure it out either. Or perhaps Google is broken.

  7. d) none of the above.

  8. HD high definition.

    • Man, that trip to Europe must have affected your cranial lobes…once again I have no idea what you’re referencing, or which comment it’s supposed to be attached to. Did you make a mistake…were you thinking you were commenting on your other friend’s television blog?

  9. Oh no, here we go again. The Enos shows up in the “This Day in SP78 History” for May 25th, 1990.

    • Like Rod Carew did to Steve P over the years, Enos Cabell will now haunt your every visit to the SP78 blog site. Steve began to notice Rodney popping up in many of my ‘This Day in SP78 History’ posts, so now I’m sure you’re going to spot The Enos in those posts (and others) as well. And…you’re welcome.

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