July Stats Up for Resurgent Reds

The Cincinnati Reds enjoyed their best month of the SP78 campaign in July, going 17-11 and finishing the month in fourth place in the NL West, 3½ games ahead of the fifth-place Astros, but no closer to the division-leading Dodgers than they were on June 30th, when they were 16½ games back. In head-to-head match-ups, the Reds went 10-2 against the Mets and Expos of the NL East, but sadly will face neither team in August; instead, they’ll meet up with the red-hot Padres and Pirates—who are a combined 10-2 against Cincinnati in SP78—a total of 13 times that month.

Individually, third baseman Pete Rose was tied for the National League lead in hits for July with 45, and his .378 average for the season ranks him among the NL batting leaders. Bullpen ace Doug Bair led relief pitchers with nine saves and 16 mound appearances, good for a 0.68 ERA for the month and a 1.35 mark for the year, while reliever Pedro Borbon went 3-0 in ten games (and this despite a 4.63 ERA over those ten games). On the negative side, catcher Johnny Bench had four passed balls in July—including three in one game—to bring his season total to nine, the most he’s had in one year since he fumbled that same amount back in 1970.

Also, the new stolen base/caught stealing stat box, which shows separate SB and CS totals for each player, is now available on all Reds stat pages (including July), as well as those for the Braves and Cubs. Click here to see all Cincinnati statistics for July, and when doing so keep in mind that some stats—such as league leaders, award winners, and team batting and pitching rankings—will not be available until all team stats for the month have been finalized.


8 responses to “July Stats Up for Resurgent Reds

  1. Go Reds!!! Welcome back Commissioner!!! 🙂

    • Thanks, Julie! And though it would take a miracle collapse by the Padres, Dodgers, and Giants to allow the Reds to make the post-season, I will wholeheartedly agree with you and say, “Go Reds!”

  2. 15 out with 44 to play. The 1964 Cardinals were 11 out with 39 to play and they won the World Series, and you’re the Commissioner! Jim Bunning had four starts in nine days during the Phillies’ ’64 collapse, so if you just march out Rau and Rhoden, Randy Jones and Bob Owchinko and Montefusco and Knepper every other day for the rest of the season, then the Reds will just need to win about 80% of their remaining games and they’ll be in like the corn in October!

    • I’m not only the commissioner, I’m the manager of every freaking team in the NL West! The Reds are down by one in the ninth? I’ll have the opposing team bring in a PB 2-5 reliever to pitch…or better yet, I’ll have them bring in the third baseman! I can see the TWISP Notes headline now: ‘Powerhouse Reds Go 44-0 To Claim West Division Flag’. Seriously though, I’d love to see all the division races really heat up during the final week of the season…and if the Reds are a part of that, then so much the better.

      Of course, I’m not going to cheat to get them there, but with all their players healthy again, I’m now able to use their classic lineup every game, and it seems to be working: a record of 16-9 since July 21st! And of course they’ll be playing every NL West team many times in September, so their destiny will be firmly nestled in their own hands. All I have to do is NOT let anyone manage one of those opposing teams during that time (when I tend to manage the Reds to defeat); if I can accomplish that, then the Big Red Machine just might find themselves sitting in the fabled catbird seat come playoff time.

  3. Why did Correll and Werner play 29 games when you have Mr. Blue Emu able to heal himself with his muscle aches?

    • By the end of July, Bench had not caught in 15 of Cincinnati’s 104 games played during the SP78 season. Some of these no-Bench games can be explained away by injuries and doubleheaders: between April 6th and July 31st, Bench was injured and out of action for three games, and sat out the second game of twinbills a total of five times. This leaves just seven games where Bench didn’t catch, and for those I’d simply decided to give him a rest. Of the 29 Correll/Werner games, they shared catching duties for the 15 Bench-less games, came in as defensive replacements for Bench in the late innings of 13 games (when he had muscle aches), and filled in 1 game when he was busy with a photo shoot for his Cincinnati-area restaurant.


  4. JOHNNY BENCH’S HOME PLATE RESTAURANT was formed on 1977-04-01 in Ohio. It was cancelled and is no longer validly registered.

    I guess you can’t get a burger any longer at Home Plate. Like the name and logo, thanks for posting the ad.

    • I remember that ad from a late-1970s Reds program; I wanted to eat there in 1984, when I went to Cincinnati to see a Reds game, but I couldn’t find it. Now I know why: it looks like it closed in 1979. However, I was able to score a Home Plate glass and matchbook at a baseball card show…both of which I still own.

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