Cubs Stats For July Are Done!

Season stats through July are now finished for the Cubs, who held on to second place in the NL East despite an underwhelming 11-17 record for the month, and a 50-53 record for the year, which put them 15 games behind the first-place Phillies. Dennis Lamp remained the ace of the staff with a 12-4 mark and a 2.43 ERA, while slugger Dave Kingman’s 27 home runs and 74 RBI ranked him among the league leaders in the National League. Chicago had some trouble with the NL West this month, going 6-13 against the teams of that division; unfortunately, their August slate of games is dominated by NL West opponents as well.

Though you won’t see it yet on the July pages, I’ve begun adding a new stat box to every team page: a SB/CS breakdown for each player, showing separate results for stolen bases and caught stealing of second, third, and home, plus each player’s steal rating (designated by a letter between A and E). Currently these boxes are complete and posted for every team in April, and all NL teams in May; for a sample box, check the Astros page here, and look beneath ‘Games Played by Position’.

And to take a look at the Cubs stat page for July, click here. And remember, the boxes for league leaders, team rankings, and award totals have been left blank; these numbers will be added after all NL team statistics have been finalized, and July award winners have been picked.


6 responses to “Cubs Stats For July Are Done!

  1. Kingman has hit 55% of the home runs for the Cubs. Is there any other player with such a high percentage against the team. Off the top of your head that is, don’t want you doing the stats on every team for this!

    • Off the top of my head: Reggie Smith of the Dodgers, who leads SP78 in HRs with over 40, and Don Baylor of the Angels, who leads the AL. The Dodgers have some other home run hitters, so I’d have to say Baylor is the higher of the two. But perhaps there’s someone on the worst home run hitting team who has a higher percentage, even though his own total might be low.

  2. Whoot Whoot !! Go Statis Pro !!

  3. So is this July stats thing the main reason that the last game played (as shown on this site) was over a month ago? I’ve got money on Bob Owchinko against the Amazing Fifth-Place Mets . . .

    • Yes, that is definitely the reason! I’ve reached the midpoint of August, so I thought I’d first get caught up on quite a few other aspects of the site before I continue with the rest of the month: July stats, the new SB/CS boxes, and adding some ‘memorabilia’ to various pages.

      And if SD bats can get to Zachry early, they may be able to carry Owchinko to a win, and possibly lift the team to just one game back of LA in the West.

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