Braves Stats Updated Through July

Updating the SP78 season statistics through July 31st has begun, with the Atlanta Braves the first of a wave of National League teams to have their stat page for July finalized and posted. The Braves, who currently reside in the cellar of the NL West, went 10-17 for July and finished the month trapped in a 7-game losing skid. The only bright spots for the team this season are shortstop Darrel Chaney—well on his way to his best season ever, with a .318 average and 115 hits—and closer Gene Garber, who has ten saves and an ERA of 1.00 in 35 relief appearances.

Also noteworthy: the only team Atlanta has a winning record against this season —a surprising 9 wins against just 4 losses—is division-rival San Diego.

To check out the Braves stat page for July, click here. (The boxes for league leaders, team rankings, and award totals have been left blank; these numbers will be added after all NL team statistics have been finalized, and July award winners have been picked).


6 responses to “Braves Stats Updated Through July

  1. Nice going – sweet!! 🙂

  2. With Devine at 1-5 but batting .308 have you thought of hanging up his arm and using his bat as a pinch hitter?

    • I guess that would make sense, if you didn’t look at his Statis Pro batting card numbers: he singles with draws of 11-14, and is out on draws of 15-88. So I’d have to say that his .308 average is a complete fluke.

      The point is moot anyway: he’s currently pitching his heart out for the Richmond Braves of the International League.

  3. 5 ejections in June and 0 in July. Did the boys have a good talking to? Or were the coaches and manager on their best behavior?

    • I think it was a third option: less HBP’s. In June, Braves pitchers hit 9 batters, which was tied for the NL lead for the month, and Braves batters were hit 9 times, which I’m sure they were getting tired of by month’s end. In July, pitching HBP’s remained about the same for the Atlanta staff (8), but Atlanta players who were beaned in July was down to 2…and both were administered to perennial nice guy Dale Murphy.

      So maybe that’s the reason: less HBP’s, resulting in less anger, which thus resulted in less ejections.

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