AL June Stats are Complete!

American LeaguePlayer and team statistics for all fourteen American League teams through the month of June have been completed, and are now available for review. The AL pages took a bit longer to complete than the NL (c’mon, I had two extra teams to deal with!), but now with both leagues finished, I can now begin work on July stats, which for the most part are already done and ready to be added to the site. Only stolen base statistics need to be compiled, and I already began work on those today. Look for July stats to be posted here soon.

Also updated on each team’s page were league leaders in many offensive and defensive categories (red fonts for leader, orange if tied for a lead), as well as team rankings for attendance, batting average, slugging percentage, and earned run average.

As mentioned in the previous NL June stats post, three new monthly award categories have been created for each league: the Crystal Slugger Award (individual slugging percentage leader), the Barnes Memorial Trophy (highest batting average for the month), and the Bradley Memorial Trophy (lowest ERA for the month). The winners of these three awards for April and May have been included as well.

Which June stats done, and July nearly ready to go up, it won’t be long until I’m able to add August numbers to the site, which would make my SP78 season stats current for the first time since the late-1980s…nearly thirty freaking years ago. Trust me, it’ll be nice to finally be able to reference stats that are truly up-to-date for that day’s slate of games, and have them up-to-date for you as well. From there, I’ll begin updating, adding to, and creating other sections of the SP78 site.

6 responses to “AL June Stats are Complete!

  1. Congratulations!! I know this is a big accomplishment for you and you should be very proud of yourself!!

    • Trust me, I am! From start to finish, it took me nearly TWO YEARS to wade through every June scoresheet, type the stats into my laptop, then calculate numbers and transfer them all to the site! July will probably take me less than two MONTHS!

  2. Will the updated stats be used for picking line ups in the games to come?

    • Perhaps…now, and in the past, I’ve been using the current month’s updated stats to help with lineups, but now that I’m nearing the end of the season, I might look to the season stat pages see who needs to fulfill their 1978 equivalent of games played, or who’s getting close to milestone numbers or season records.

  3. Mariners were 15-0 in Apr and May against AL East teams. Then in June, 4-16. What went wrong?

    • Somehow, someway, the Miracle Mariners went on a 16-0 run during those first two months. Don’t ask me how they did it, with a pitching staff consisting entirely of PB 2-5 and 2-6 pitchers (the lowest two ‘skill’ numbers for a pitcher). Ten of those wins were at the expense of the lowly Blue Jays and Indians, so I’m sure that had something to do with it. The streak took them all the way to first place in the AL West – for ONE day – and then…well, then they fell back to Earth.

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