Happy Birthday, Johnny!


8 responses to “Happy Birthday, Johnny!

  1. At 69 lucky he gets that life time supply of Blue Emu with all that kneeling and years behind the plate! Good guy player from the past, not like todays money grubbing boys.

    • Yes, a good guy who gave me many happy years as a fan of the Reds. And a guy who stuck with the Reds all those years, and didn’t jump ship when another team waved a dollar bill at him. Oh yeah: had to look up Blue Emu…though it might’ve been an Ohio beer!

  2. Without cable tv you don’t get to see his Blue Emu commercials!

  3. Running out to get my Blue Emu NOW – cuz I don’t want to stink! Love the follow-up tube of the most baseballs in one hand dude. Time to unload cable TV for good!

  4. Seems Johnny on the Bench bar at the local Red Robin in that commercial.

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