NL June Stats are Complete!

x - NL - primaryPlayer and team statistics for all twelve National League teams through the month of June have been completed, and are now available for review. Also updated on each team’s page were league leaders in many offensive and defensive categories (red fonts for leader, orange if tied for a lead), as well as team rankings for attendance, batting average, slugging percentage, and earned run average.

As you may already know, three new monthly award categories have been created for each league: the Crystal Slugger Award (individual slugging percentage leader), the Barnes Memorial Trophy (highest batting average for the month), and the Bradley Memorial Trophy (lowest ERA for the month). The winners of these three awards for April and May have been included as well.

Work has already begun on June stats for the American League; these pages will be completed alphabetically on team-by-team basis, leading off with the Baltimore Orioles and wrapping up with the Toronto Blue Jays. The entire AL process should take 2-3 weeks to complete.

6 responses to “NL June Stats are Complete!

  1. Seriously, June of 1978 was more than 38 years ago now. If it were me, I’d sack the clowns from Evanston, who have probably been hanging out too long at Yesterday’s . . . When will July stats be available?

    • July stats? JULY stats? Good sweet lord, we’re talking sometime in…well, 2017, which is actually sooner than most would’ve expected, I think. Thankfully, 90% of July statistics are already done; I just have to pore over all the scoresheets again looking for such things as supplementary home run numbers and stolen base breakdowns…the real stats I’m caught up on. And what I’d give to hang at Yesterday’s again with the clowns in Evanston; trust me, I’d rather not sack those sorry bastards until I’m truly caught up with ALL the SP78 stats.

  2. What was the number of man hours needed for the clowns at Evanston to complete the June stats? An estimate will do.

    • I can give you an exact number, actually: to go through every June scoresheet and re-tabulate the stats took 17 months, or more precisely, 12,744 hours, man or otherwise. To then combine the April-May stats with the Junes stats (NL only), re-configure sections of the team pages, and punch those stats into the site took 34 days, or 816 hours. I’m…I mean, the Department of Statistics in Evanston…is currently at work on the AL numbers, which should take a little less time than the NL did, now that I…they…have the system down.

  3. It took Evanston less hours to get a man on the moon. Light a match under their seats for July stats.

    • If I’d known my staff was going to concentrate more on NASA projects than my SP78 site, I would’ve contracted with the stat guys at Stanford instead. Oh well…I could always do the work myself, I guess.

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