June is DONE!

Well, the first part is done, I should say…the part that took a year and a half to complete, from May 5, 2015 to October 16, 2016. Now, I get to take those collected statistics from every June game and combine them with the April and May statistics for all 26 teams, to get a new season total through June 30, 1978. Then punch them all into the site.

June Stat Work!

One small change I’ve decided to make is to the player and pitcher names, which were automatically colored blue when I made them links, and which connect to their career stats at Baseball-Reference.com. What irks me is when these names are clicked, they turn to black…and stay black, creating a hodgepodge of blue and black names throughout the team pages. So what I’ve done, and will do to previous team pages as well, is to physically change the links’ font color to a lighter shade of blue, which is the color they’ll remain no matter how many times they’re clicked.

ATL - Before

I’ve also done something I’ve wanted to do since launching the site, and made the names/links of AAA players who’ve been called up to the parent club a different color, so one can differentiate between them and the players from Opening Day rosters (also, they’re always at the bottom of the roster list). The color I use on my document pages is red, but here I chose to go with a very light green instead (‘sea green’, according to the WordPress palette).

ATL - After

And be aware that when these new June pages go up, they’ll be missing a few stats, at least for now: the season rankings for team batting and pitching statistics, and league leader designations. These I won’t be able to calculate until all the team pages have been posted.

I’ll post the new Braves team page for June this weekend, but look for a bonus post tomorrow, containing the good, the bad, and the ugly.

4 responses to “June is DONE!

  1. Did that little calculator do all the work? Can you still read the numbers on the keys or are they worn off? Congratulations on the completion of June stats, go have a Grand Canyon Black Iron IPA on me!

    • Actually, I have a tall bottle of Heineken and a can of Rolling Rock in my fridge just dying to be consumed by someone…sadly, I celebrated with a Lucerne 1% mixed with Hershey’s chocolate syrup instead. And that little calculator has a whole shipload of work left to be done; I’ve now got to combine those June stats with April and May, and plug them into the site. I’ve already completed the June pages for the Braves and Cubs, and they’re now posted if you want to check ’em out.

  2. I forgot to ask, what is that Pepto-Bismol like drink you have in the picture?

    • That would be Hershey’s chocolate milk, in a large cup that resembles 28 fluid ounces of Pepto-Bismol. I’ll save the PB for when SP78 no-hitters get broken up in the ninth.

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