Stat Night Revisited

Stat Night, Revisited
Back in March I posted a quick update of my never-ending work on June stats, which I’d been slaving over for nearly a year: 368 total scoresheets for the month to tabulate, at about 30-45 minutes per page. At the time, I’d made it as far as the 12th of June, which translated to 133 sheets completed, with 235 more to go.

Now, five months later, I’m still hard at work getting those stats wrapped up, but I’m edging ever closer to the finish line. As of today I’ve reached June 24th, with 277 scoresheets completed, and just 91 left to compile. Of course, once I’m done with all of that, I still have to add those stats to the April and May totals, then plug all 26 teams’ worth into their respective blog pages.

And that beat-up green book on the table? A $2 thrift store copy of The Baseball Encyclopedia, given to me by a friend at work.

10 responses to “Stat Night Revisited

  1. I know for a fact that you could have written that big green book! Good luck with what appears to be a mondo statistical adventure!

    • And an adventure it will be! Can’t wait to get it wrapped up…it’ll be the first time in decades I’ve been fully caught up with season stats!

  2. Get over to Silicon Valley and get some IT geek to write you a program!

  3. Why not Chili’s in Chile, that would be more appropriate? I can give you the directions for the Santiago outlet. Plus down under in Oz you would be forced to watch Cricket!

    • Not a bad idea! But I think it would be easier if I went to a Charleston’s in Charleston (and the burgers are better there, too). And I wonder if anyone in Perth or Brisbane has ever replayed an entire cricket season using a board game…hmmm.

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