Ask Statistor

Statistor, Baseball Robota
Developed by Sperry Rand in 1963, Statistor is a robotic information-gathering and data storage system, later modified by Texas Instruments specifically for use by Statis Pro 1978 Replay. Statistor will answer any and all SP78-related questions, either bi-monthly or whenever the mood strikes him.


Hello Statistor,

Sometimes I see a University of Washington spiral notepad in the header photos of the Statis Pro 1978 Replay blog site. What is the pad used for, and how long has it been in use?

Joanne S.
Spokane, WA

Dear Joanne,

The notepad was purchased by the Supreme Controller during a visit to the University of Washington campus bookstore in February of 1980. It was put into use in 1988, to keep track of injuries, transactions, player milestones, records, and other noteworthy events from each day of games played, some of which would then be featured in the weekly edition of TWISP Notes. It is still in use today, and is used as reference for current TWISP posts and This Day in SP78 History entries.


I was just wondering: which four SP78 teams do you predict will meet in the NL and AL post-season?

Reid P.
Vista, CA


Statistor does not predict, assume, guess, contemplate, or ponder. Statistor deals in statistics, hard facts, and answers that are grounded in gameplay reality. Statistor will not answer your question.

4 responses to “Ask Statistor

  1. Statistor is kind of a dick.

    • I agree! And not only that, he’s also a complete lazy-ass: it takes him months to respond to his mail, he never does his chores, and every night he parks himself in front of the TV and does nothing but watch DVR’d episodes of Barnaby Jones and Mama’s Family. It’s kind of irritating, actually.

  2. ’60s and ’70s artificial intelligence was raw and unrefined, which is a fairly accurate description of Buddy Ebsen and Vicki Lawrence as well. Perhaps if the boys at Northwestern could take a look at Texas Instruments’ work we might get the Statman an attitude adjustment.

    • If you think his attitude stinks now, you should’ve seen him back in the 1970s when he worked for McDonnell Douglas…what an a-hole! I’m just glad the gang at Texas Instruments was able to futz with his motherboard and calm his backside down a bit. Of course, if people would ask questions that didn’t provoke him, maybe he wouldn’t have these outbursts.

      And one more thing: Raw and Unrefined: The Twisted Hollywood Romance of Buddy Ebsen and Vicki Lawrence. Now available from Bantam Books.

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