5,048 Days

Recently, while spending another evening working on June stats, I began to wonder which of my many game sites had been around the longest…the length of time from its first SP78 game to its last. My initial guess was AZ8, my apartment in Peoria, Arizona that saw a record-setting 218 games played over a 10-year period between 2003 and 2014. I decided to check on-line for an answer, and found a website that allowed me to punch in start and end dates to calculate a time frame in years, months, and days; after tabulating results for all 93 sites, I was surprised to find that AZ8 ranked only third, with a mere 3,739 days under its belt.

Though having hosted a grand total of just 24 games, my Mom’s former apartment in Mesa, Arizona, stood at #2, having served as an SP78 game-playing spot during my several short vacation trips there between 1991 and 2002, and having survived as an SP78 game location a mere six months longer than AZ8. What then was the longest-tenured site? Which building hosted 36 games over the course of an astounding 5,048 days—a distant three years longer than the other two front-running sites—and currently claims the #1 spot? Any guesses?

I’ll offer a few clues: the site was located in California, it was my temporary home for two months after I’d moved back to the area from another city, and was host to the longest 9-inning SP78 game ever played, which took just over two hours to complete. Here’s another hint: the photo below was taken during the final game ever played there, a 5-3 Dodgers win over the Braves:

Game #1058

Anyone figure it out without consulting the Game Sites page? The answer is ESC5, my friend Steve P’s townhome condo in Escondido, California, which served as a Statis Pro destination between June of 1988 and April of 2002, a whopping thirteen years, nine months, and twenty-seven days. The site was host to many memorable SP78 contests during that time, including a 17-inning affair between the Astros and Mets co-managed by Steve and my brother Scott, the infamous Sixto Lezcano Game, and the big 20th Anniversary Game, also co-managed by Steve and Scott.

And for the record, only three other sites have ever hosted games for more than a thousand days: my friend Julie’s RB11 condo (2,056), my ESC11 guesthouse studio (1,910), and the RB3 house where my friend Reid lived (1,514), the latter of which saw just two games hosted over a four-year span in the early-1980s.

16 responses to “5,048 Days

  1. grandrapidsgirl

    Yea! I made it! So proud! Never would have guessed the #1 spot! 🙂

  2. One of the many SP78 records that I (or the people who now own that condo) hold! Of course, if RB1 gets a World Series game, it’ll shatter that record. I owned that condo for a whopping 6190 days, and if I stay here at NM2 until May 17, 2022, I’ll break that record. Of course, if the World Series doesn’t happen until April 18, 2029, then you can come back to NM2 to break ESC5’s record. Cool stats, and not any that us fans could have calculated, seeing how you don’t have enough column width to put both First Game and Last Game on the Game Sites page. Thanks!

    • Wouldn’t that be great if I could begin and end my season at the same location…RB1, where it all started? Interesting, too, if I could somehow re-visit a site that last hosted a game in the ’80s and play another one there. The All-Star Inn in Campbell, maybe? And do you think you’ll be at NM2 until 2022? Maybe NM2 will become the new ESC5; they’ve both been hosts to games with milkshakes!

  3. Well, as we’ve discussed, the All Star Inn is now a Motel 6, but it’s still in business so it’s a chance. Do you have the room number somewhere? Wasn’t it 222, or was that somewhere else? I’m not sure if CopyCo serves breakfast, but there’s a Starbucks there (where isn’t there one?).

    • Yeah, I’m not sure how to handle the ‘same building, different resident’ conundrum; I guess I could just make it easy on myself and never play a game there again if the site has changed ownership (or rentership). And our room number at the site formerly known as All-Star Inn was indeed 222…and I’m sure that Jack in the Box is still open across the street for our mealtime needs.

      • Julie Dunning

        How sure was I that you would confirm and know that the room # was “indeed” 222? 1,000% for sure positive! 🙂

      • Of course! You knew I’d have it written down in the 1987 All-Star Game trip journal I kept! Thank you for showing such faith in my ‘total recall’!

  4. Cue the 29 year old Karen Valentine jokes . . .

  5. Julie Dunning

    Lol – of course not! Silly me! 🙂

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