Ask Statistor

Statistor, Baseball Robot


Developed by Sperry Rand in 1963, Statistor is a robotic information-gathering and data storage system, later modified by Texas Instruments specifically for use by Statis Pro 1978 Replay. Statistor will answer any and all SP78-related questions, either bi-monthly or whenever the mood strikes him.


Yo, Statistor!

What is the expected drop in batting average for Lefty vs. Lefty, and is there a corresponding decline in extra base hits also?

Steve P.
Las Cruces, NM

Dear Steve,

With your use of two capitalized proper nouns, Statistor deduced that you were referring to pitchers Lefty Grove and Lefty Gomez, major league baseball stars of the first half of the twentieth century, and the lack of hitting—and power hitting—that transpired during games where the two pitched against each other. Unfortunately, Statistor will only answer questions related to Statis Pro 1978 Replay; those queries involving the sport of baseball itself, or its history and strategies, will not be answered.

Dear Statistor,

During SP78 play, does a left-handed-hitting batter who is facing a left-handed pitcher have less of a chance for a base hit (or extra-base hit) than a right-handed-hitting batter does? Overall, does SP78 experience a drop in batting average when a lefty batter squares off against a lefty pitcher?

Eric K.
Athens, GA

Interesting question, Eric. The Statis Pro Baseball game makes allowances for at-bats where a LH batter meets a LH pitcher, or a RH batter meets a RH pitcher, by taking Fast-Action card draws that usually go for base hits and turning them into outs. For example, in a LH vs LH scenario, random number draws of 11-15, which are normally singles, become outs (and out draws of 87-88 become hits). So to answer your question, yes, the left-handed-hitting batter has about a 20% less chance of securing a base hit than a right-handed-hitting batter does, when the PB result of a FAC draw favors a left-handed pitcher. Extra-base hits do not factor in this scenario, as all left-vs-right variables allow for singles, and nothing more.


2 responses to “Ask Statistor

  1. OK, if you’re not going to answer my Steve Carlton vs. Steve Carlton SP78 question, what about Dan Spillner – does Spillner the pitcher get a Fast-Action advantage against Spillner the hitter?

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