They Bat Pitchers, Don’t They?

If you’ve had the chance to check out those league leader lists I posted yesterday, did you wonder, like me, how the Cubs as a team hit .295? Or why those other Top 5 teams were doing so well at whacking the horsehide? Well, how about this: maybe it’s because I forgot to include pitcher batting numbers along with the position player statistics!

I woke up this morning and began work on the Orioles’ stats for the American League leaders, and marveled at the fact that I didn’t have to worry about AL pitcher stats for batting; I realized then that I hadn’t bothered to worry about NL pitcher stats for batting, either. So I went through the stat pages for all twelve NL teams and re-calculated those team leader numbers, and just now made the corrections on the leader boards on the site.

Not that much changed, really. Team batting average dipped by anywhere from five to ten points per team (and Houston replaced San Francisco in the #5 spot), Cincinnati dropped out of the hits leaders list, and the Braves gained a home run thanks to slugging knuckleballer Phil Niekro. Otherwise, you probably won’t notice all that much different on the boards.

And yes, when I calculate numbers for the American League leaders, I’ll be sure to include the stats for the handful of AL pitchers who’ve batted, too. And no, Mr. Sykes, your hit in the Hall of Fame Game will not count.


2 responses to “They Bat Pitchers, Don’t They?

  1. Pretty funny forgetting the NL hurlers. And Sykes did have six major league hits, not counting what I believe might have been an infield single in the Hall of Fame game. One of Sykes’ hits came off SP78 ERA leader Craig Swan.

    • Sykes’ hit in the HOF game was a solid single to left off Nino Espinosa to lead off the fifth inning, the first hit – albeit unofficial – by an American League pitcher this season. Do you remember me trying to send him home from third on a double steal in that game? He couldn’t get the jump, and was left stranded when the inning ended.

      And speaking again of Swan: in four starts in July, he was 4-0 with a 0.55 ERA, and through June he led the NL in ERA at 1.59…yet he had a won-lost mark of 8-5! Thanks for nothing, score-nothing teammates!

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