NL League Leaders Have Arrived!

Cubs League Leaders Sheet

It’s been over a year since I played the last SP78 game of July, and I finally got tired of seeing those blank spots in the end-of-July league leader columns, so I said enough was enough and spent the last three days doing nothing but compiling and organizing statistics for season leaders in the National League. If you’re interested in checking them out, they can be found in the NL column on the main page, to the left of this post, underneath the ‘Yesterday’s NL MVP’ card.

This time around, I decided to add a category to the individual leaders section: earned run average, which I hadn’t included previously only because, before now, I never knew what the criteria was for the minimum number of innings a pitcher needed to pitch to qualify.

Besides discovering that LA slugger Reggie Smith is gunning for the first Triple Crown in the major leagues since 1967, creating these league leader lists also allowed me to find out which NL pitcher was the current front-runner in wins; I could tell you who was leading in the AL (Caldwell, Matlack, Guidry), but the senior circuit leaders were a complete mystery to me, especially Larry Christenson, who out of nowhere joined Gaylord Perry just ahead of a logjam of fourteen other hurlers tied with between 10 and 12 wins.

And how in the name of Wayne Krenchicki did the Reds make it into so many batting leader categories, both individual and team, while finishing the month of July in 4th place—a distant 4th place—with a won-lost mark of 50-54? Should blame be directed towards their lackluster starting pitching and spotty relief corps, or perhaps the one-sided whims of the Fast-Action cards? I mean, seriously, it couldn’t have anything to do with the sketchy managerial skills of the guy who takes charge of them every single freaking game, could it?

Anyway, I’ll be working on the AL league leaders all this week, so look for those lists to (hopefully) be posted sometime next weekend.

2 responses to “NL League Leaders Have Arrived!

  1. Most surprising to me is ERA leader Cydna Swan of the Mets. Man, the Mets’ staff must really be awful, way under .500, not in the top 5 teams in ERA and one guy challenging Bob Gibson! And it’s one inning pitched for every game the team has played, is it not?

    • The Mets staff IS quite awful, for the most part. Besides Craig ‘Hot Pockets’ Swan (12-5, 1.50) and Pat Zachry (12-9, 2.97), there really isn’t anyone else that commands the mound for the Metropolitans. Mike Bruhert has already been shipped to AAA with a 1-13 mark, and Jerry Koosman is on the verge of being the league’s first 20-game loser. Too bad they didn’t keep Seaver and Ryan!

      And yeah, one inning pitched for every game played is the minimum requirement for an ERA leader. For my standard, I took the average number of games played in both the NL and AL through July, and both came out to 105.

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