SP78 Celebrates 35/3!

It’s a full day of Statis Pro action and excitement here at AZ15, as my Statis Pro 1978 Replay season celebrates 35 years of play, and my SP78 blog site observes its third year of existence, both having been launched on August 22nd of their respective inaugural years.


Activities today will feature a ‘Joe Walsh Day II’ match-up between the Orioles and Blue Jays to kick off the AL slate of games for August 8th, continued work on statistics and June scoresheets throughout the day, a satisfying lunch at some local Peoria restaurant, and the following additions, updates, and changes to the SP78 site:

• Slide show boxes for the NL and AL widgets will be placed on the main page, displaying player and game-related photos from the 1978 season. New photos will be added to the mix on a continual basis.

• The actual standings for the 1978 season, located at the bottom of the NL and AL columns, will be updated to August 15th.

• A total of 35 new photos have been created and added to the header image library, for a grand total of 224, and will appear in the main page header later today.

• Though the ‘This Day in SP78 History’ post will continue to appear daily, the option to comment on the post will be discontinued beginning tomorrow. However, fans will still be able to comment on all other posts and pages that appear on the site.

• A consistent weekly schedule of posts—including TWISP Notes every Monday, an SP78 essay or Ask Statistor column on Wednesdays, an SP78 photo with accompanying story every Friday, and a game recap every weekend—was going to be attempted, but I’ve realized that the ‘deadline’ aspect of the idea was beginning to feel daunting, so I’ve decided instead to do my best to post a game recap each weekend and a post of some kind every Wednesday, with brief SP78 updates and game notes posted on random days throughout the month.

• My plan to eliminate outside advertising from the blog, beginning today, has officially been thwarted. For years, blog owners were able to pay WordPress $30 annually to have ads blocked from appearing on their site posts and pages; as of three weeks ago, this option was changed. Now, the ad-blocking feature has been added to a $99 a year package, which includes a host of other options I have absolutely no interest in using. And I’m not convinced I should pay a hundred bucks a year simply to block ads, so I’m sorry to say that we’re now stuck with the stupid things.

And finally, thanks once again to all you fans who’ve supported SP78 for the past thirty-five years, and to those who’ve stopped by my SP78 blog for the past three. You’ve helped make running the site a worthwhile venture, and I hope you continue to find it a fun place to visit throughout the next year. Or ten, or twenty, or however long it takes for me to finish this blasted season!

SP78 35th Anniverary - logo

4 responses to “SP78 Celebrates 35/3!

  1. I’ve been there since the beginning. Where’s MY 35th Anniversary commemorative patch?!

    • In the same package as your ’48 Years Having A Bitchin’ Brother’ patch, waiting to be shipped.

      And yes, you actually played a game on Day 1, exactly thirty-five years ago. A 2-1 Dodgers win over the Braves.

  2. As always, great photos! That’s kind of what my desk looks like. I think I’d like a patch just for having a desk setup similar to yours! Continued good luck on the replay…Go Dodgers!

    • Thanks, Louie! It’s my guess that anyone who plays at least ten games of Statis Pro will also end up having a desk as messy as ours…I think it’s inherent in the game. And if I ever create a patch honoring such a desk, you’ll be one of the first fans who gets one. And yes, Go Dodgers, who currently are battling with the Padres and Giants for supremacy in the NL West. Although I must admit, I’d rather see SD or SF take the division flag by season’s end!

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