To Box or Not To Box

I spent most of this past Sunday working on a boxscore template to use on the SP78 site, taken from a boxscore generator I’d found on-line the day before. The design of the boxscore had a nice look to it, but thankfully it also had HTML code that I could tamper with, which I took full advantage of to create an overall better-looking product. The adjustments I made were minor (center-justifying some words and titles, adding a date and stadium to the linescore, etc), but in the end they helped give the boxscore a more polished, baseball-savvy appearance.

The game I chose was one I’d already typed up a boxscore for years ago, and therefore was easier to plop into the generator: the SP78 All-Star Game, which in hindsight was probably a bad choice, since it was one of the more stat-deficient games I’ve ever played. Click here to see how it looks on a site page.

Right now this is just a test run, and I still have some modifications to experiment with, so don’t look for hundreds—or even a handful—of these babies to suddenly appear on the site (I calculated that if I created one boxscore a day for every game I’ve played so far, I’d be finished in four years). Trust me, this is strictly in the planning stage; I’m also working on my own template, which won’t be as colorful as the generated one but may be more true to a boxscore you’d find in a 1978 issue of The Sporting News.

In the end, I may just use the linescore portion of the template, and add that to the bottom of each game’s recap, which would be far less time-consuming. Or, I may just scrap the whole plan, create just a few more boxscores to add to the site for the fun of it, and concentrate on getting the thousand other more important aspects of the site taken care of first. Let me know what you think of it all in the comments below.

All-Star Game - alternate

2 responses to “To Box or Not To Box

  1. The operative words are “for the fun of it”. Looks extremely cool and professional. No wonder it took you an entire Sunday. Have fun statisfying your hobby! You’re really quite good at all this!! Enjoy!! 🙂

    • Thanks, Julie! What I think I’ll do is make a handful of these boxscores for certain ‘event’ games, and just do my typical recaps for the rest. That way, those four years will be much better spent, and I’ll have more time to work on blog-related projects and stat work. Now, I just have to figure out which handful of games I want to create boxscores for!

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