Today at the D.O.S.

Today’s calendar of events at the Department of Statistics at Northwestern University in Evanston:

Today at the DOS

2 responses to “Today at the D.O.S.

  1. Seems like a full SP78 day. Did you post the TDISH last night? I’m looking forward to the Mets-Cards recap!

    • Once I got working on SP78 chores, I didn’t really feel like doing anything else all day. And yeah, I posted the TDISH…you saw it, the one where you commented on the ‘classic scoresheet’, and the fact it was Scott’s birthday. Or did you mean a different one? I did post the one for March 21st a little late, but you commented on that one, too.

      The Cards-Mets recap WILL be posted today, after I get back from the movies; the game I played last night went extra innings, and I kept having to pause for several minutes at a time to work on strategies for particular plays or at-bats. I didn’t get to bed ’til past midnight.

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