SP78 - Ejection-Suspension photo
I just now finished up my two-week project (which took thirteen days longer than I’d expected) of creating pages for ejections and suspensions for the SP78 season, if anyone would like to take a look. Both links can be found in the ‘Statistics’ dropdown list on the main page.

Part of the reason for this prolonged period of stat work were the numerous fixes I had to make to April and May stats, where I had to go back and credit a dozen or so players with pinch-hitting appearances, when batters would get ejected in the middle of an at-bat. This is of course was a stat I failed to recognize during my early, innocent years of Statis Pro, so both scoresheets and blog pages had to be updated and synchronized.

Mostly, though, it was just the sheer number of ejections I had to deal with that turned this into another gargantuan SP78 task. I couldn’t believe how many players had been thrown out of games so far this season, and I think you’ll be surprised by the current count as well. My question is, what’s everybody got to be so angry about, and why is everyone trying to cheat?

And yes, I’m looking at you, Bob Boone and Gene Tenace.

6 responses to “Eeeeeeejected!

  1. Interesting that you’re 4 times more likely to be ejected arguing a RF HR call than arguing a LF HR call. Is there a commissioner’s bias against left handed hitters? Will the young kid, #13 in STL be ejected for arguing a RF HR call?

    • Yeah, I noticed that, too…whenever I had an HR call ejection, it kept coming up LH batters, or switch-hitters facing right-handed pitchers. Not sure why right field is such a trouble spot for the umps.

      And Benefiel will CONSTANTLY be arguing about right field HR calls; strangely enough, those right field HRs will all be inside-the-park HRs. Well, would’ve been, had the umpires not made the wrong call every time.

  2. Just gotta say…as I go to the page, the first thing I see is the name, “Dick Pole.” That made me chuckle…well, because I am 12 at heart.

    • Well Scott, how about I brighten your day even more and point out that Wilbur Wood has been also been ejected this season, twice. And I promise to let you know when Pete LaCock makes the list. Hmmm…I think there’s some sort of ‘theme lineup’ in the making here.

  3. What in the wild world of sports did Lou Whitaker do to deserve a 105-game suspension?

    • Yeah, at first that may seem a little excessive, especially when compared to the other suspensions, but back in 1994, when the players went on strike and the season was lost, I saw a photo in a newspaper of Lou Whitaker getting out of a limo as he made his way to a strike-related meeting. He was wearing shades and a bunch of gold necklaces, and had this smug look on his face, and I thought, “This guy – these guys – are crying for more money?” Then the season was gone, there was no World Series, and I stopped following baseball at that point, and have never gone back. So Whitaker became, to me, the ‘image’ of the ’94 strike, and I suspended him for the remainder of my SP78 season. And he hasn’t played a game since.

      On the bright side, his two replacements, Steve Dillard and Mark Wagner, are actually doing quite well platooning at second, and are helping keep the Tigers in the midst of the AL East pennant race.

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