Sexton Stripped of Award: “I Wasn’t the First”

HOU - Jimmy SextonAstros utility infielder Jimmy Sexton, who earlier this year was presented the April Hothead of the Month award in the NL for being the first SP78 player to get ejected from a game, was stripped of his title after statisticians at Northwestern University in Evanston discovered that Sexton was not the first player tossed this season, but was actually the third, behind pitchers Tommy John of the Dodgers and Steve Rogers of the Expos.

“Truthfully, it’s not an award I’m sorry to lose,” said Sexton. “The ejection is not something I’m proud of, and accepting the trophy was not something I was trying to ‘get away with’. I’d assumed it was mine, and I honored that title. But I wasn’t the first.”

The award will now be presented to John, LA - Tommy Johnwho was ejected from the third SP78 game of the season—an opening day contest between the Dodgers and Braves at Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium—after he was accused of doctoring the ball by home plate umpire Billy Williams.

“Sure, I’ll take it,” said John from Candlestick Park, where the Dodgers were prepping for the third game of their series against the Giants. “I like awards.”

2 responses to “Sexton Stripped of Award: “I Wasn’t the First”

  1. The picture of John makes him look like a high school prankster who goaded the ump into ejecting him so that he could get the day off. Sexton looks like a guy who just found out he needs the “Jimmy Sexton” surgery.

    • Ahhhh, you know Tommy…he’ll do anything to get out of a starting pitching assignment! And trust me, I have no interest in learning – or visualizing – what Jimmy Sexton surgery is all about.

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