My Card, Sir

On this date in 1992, on my last day of taking a semester-long film course at UCLA, I stopped by the student union and had a few dozen of these business cards printed up at a do-it-yourself vending machine. Someday, I hope, I’ll be able to don my favorite tuxedo and attend the Governors Ball, and while enjoying a glass of Romanée-Conti Grand Cru and a plate of imported Cheez-Its, have the opportunity to say to someone, “My card, sir.”

SP78 - business card crop

4 responses to “My Card, Sir

  1. Ahh, DRC, an excellent choice! I’d have thought of you more as a Merlot kind of guy rather than a Pinot Noir fan. Something about you seems more Bordeaux than Burgundy. Did you know that a 1992 Domaine de la Romanee-Conti currently sells for somewhere between $800 and $8000 depending on its condition?

    I have one of these cards, as well as some SOC ones of my own, thanks to you!

    Of all of your tuxedos, which one is your favorite, by the way?

    • When I’m home entertaining the ladies in front of the fire, I prefer a fresh, medium-bodied Merlot, but when I’m out and about, mixing it with the elite and sophisticated, it’s the DRC 1960 for me. And my favorite tux? I’d say the single-breasted white with black bow tie…the one with the loose fit, to hide my shoulder holster.

  2. A tux like Bond’s I suppose. Nice cards! Still have mine too.

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