Cards Rookie To Wear Lucky #13

The jersey that St Louis Cardinals rookie Todd Benefiel will wear when he makes his major league debut August 3rd in Chicago was unveiled today by the NL club, and echoing his uniforms with the minor league Arkansas Travelers and Springfield Redbirds, his jersey with the Cards will also display #13:

STL - Todd Benefiel #13 road jersey
The number became available when catcher Joe Ferguson was traded from the Cardinals to the Astros after the 1976 season. When asked the significance of the number, Benefiel offered a shrug while waiting to take his cuts in the Wrigley Field batting cage on Wednesday. “It’s what I was assigned in Little League…I just got used to it, I guess, and for me, it’s a lucky number.”

8 responses to “Cards Rookie To Wear Lucky #13

  1. I got to know this rookie throughout his developmental years. He lived in the town I grew up in, so I can say with confidence I have the inside track on his scouting. If anyone says otherwise I’ll cut their nuts off.

    Benefiel is a speedster, that’s for sure, but does he have the major league chops to get on base in the first place so he can use his Buddha-given speed? That remains to be seen.

    On and off the field he’s definitely a boozer, you can take that to the bank. Will it affect his play… yes, absolutely. For the worse? Maybe not. He could be one of those drunken master guys you see in Chinese Cinema that can do wonders while inebriated, ala Jackie Chan.

    But it’s his constant poor sportsmanship that should worry the Cardinals organization the most. Benefiel has an in-yielding running of the mouth and is always taunting the opposing players. Always it’s of a disturbing sexual nature. Look for a lot of heavy fines levied towards this player and his new team.

    Plus, he’s a meth-head. He’s been chasing the dragon since he was twelve. I’ve seen this first hand. The fire department once had to peel his naked body from the top of a middle school flag pole after an assembly on the perils of underage drug use.

    This is what the St. Louis Cardinals have brought to the good citizens of the city who support this team. He should be tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail by every fan in Busch Memorial Stadium BEFORE he even sets one foot on that gloriously fake infield grass. But knowing the white trash populace who call this alcoholic city home, he’ll probably be embraced as a hero.

    • All of this negativity over a jersey? Or is it complete and unabashed sibling jealously, simply because your so-called baseball career stalled well before mine, leaving you angry and alone, drawing dirty pictures in downtown SD bars and telling anyone who’ll listen about your hero brother who made it to the bigs? Well, I’d left some tickets for you at the Wrigley Field box office for the August 3rd game; my guess is, they’ll be there after the game, too.

      Sigh. Always following in my footsteps…and always falling down.

      • Piss in your tickets, alcoholic.

      • Someone reading this fun little site might think you’re serious. In fact, I’m beginning to wonder about the seriousness of this anger of yours myself. I remember when your comments used to be positive and happy and full of life. What happened?

        Oh yes, I remember. Swim & Tennis Club. Senators. Second base. And a very, very long inning after one too many trips to the water fountain.

  2. OK, after Butterboy’s vitriolic e-upchuck, I’m feeling like my 13-St. Louis-Ferguson current events reference might not be so welcome here. Is there a place we can purchase this jersey online?

    • Hey, you might as well throw your diatribe up there as well…it seems that outside of the Gateway City, my arrival in the bigs is heavily frowned upon, so anything you vomit forth can’t be any more raving than what’s already out there. I’ll just have to prove myself on the playing field, and hopefully with a first at-bat home run.

      Months ago, I went looking for a ’78 Cards jersey that I could ‘test’ with a name and number, like some hockey sites do with their jerseys. I found one on a baseball site, cooked up this photo, and have been saving it for this day ever since. Now, looking for the 1978 jersey for sale and that site again, I can’t find either of them!

      • Piss on Steve P.

        I just want to come clean about that Benefiel fella. He’s a bad egg I tells ya. And he corks his bat, if you know what I mean.

      • If I’m understanding you correctly, you’re suggesting I’m putting an illegal substance inside or perhaps around my scoring utensil, and that I should relieve myself somewhere upon the personage of my friend and former co-worker Steve.

        You, my brother, have just had your tickets revoked. If you know what I mean.

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