August Preliminary Review: Mariners

Seattle Mariners
• After the Mariners enjoyed their miracle 16-game winning streak in April and May, they seemed to lose their footing a bit, winning just 21 of their next 68 to finish July in sixth place in the AL West, with a 48-59 mark. Granted, they’re only 17 games out of first place, which is not insurmountable with two whole months left in the season, but things are looking grim, and the M’s will need another miracle to finish ahead of Texas, Minnesota, and Kansas City.

• How valuable is outfielder Tom Paciorek to the Mariners? Besides the team’s drop from second place to sixth while he was on the 30-day DL in May and June, he was the only Seattle player in July to hit above .300 (.355, to be exact), and he currently leads the Mariners with a .328 average on the year.

• First baseman Dan Meyer, who was injured July 29th at Tiger Stadium when he ran into the M’s dugout chasing a foul in the first inning of their 10-7 win over the Tigers, will likely return to action when Seattle travels to Minnesota to face the Twins on August 7th. Bob Robertson will handle first base duties in the interim.

• Seattle will go with a 4-man rotation for August: Byron McLaughlin, Paul Mitchell, Dick Pole, and Rick Honeycutt. Unfortunately, not one pitcher on the M’s staff—or on their AAA roster—has a PB rating above 2-6.

• With no need for a dedicated fifth starter, Seattle sent slumping pitcher Glenn Abbott (along with reliever Tom Brown) to the San Jose Missions to work on his control and mechanics; making the jump to the parent club were reliever John Montague and infielder Juan Bernhardt, who was recalled to spell Robertson at first and supply back-up to a depleted Mariner bench.

• Take part in a ‘Farmer’s Nite’ doubleheader on Saturday, August 12th, when the Angels visit the Kingdome for a three-game series against the M’s, or listen to the game on KVI 570 and the SP78 Radio Network, with Dave Niehaus and Ken Wilson calling the action.

2 responses to “August Preliminary Review: Mariners

  1. I’m not exactly sure what “With no need for a dedicated fifth starter” means other than “The Mariners have no hopes of challenging the Rangers and thus will begin preparing for 1979” From where I sit, they probably wouldn’t turn away a good PB 2-8 if one happened to appear. Do we have any idea what “Farmer’s Nite” indicates? An early start to Game 1 of the twinbill, perhaps?

    • Please, let me explain: with Danny Meyer out, the Mariners only had 3 players on the bench (besides catcher Bill Plummer) that I could go to for PH situations, or defensive strategies, or whatever, and with the starting rotation going to 4-man, I had one starter left over, with no relief capabilities. So it was either Rick Honeycutt or Abbott who was heading to the PCL, and in the end it was Abbott, based on his overall (and over-high) ERA, and the fact I have a couple relievers who can spot start if needed. And no, they wouldn’t turn away a PB 2-8 pitcher, but where’s he gonna come from, if I don’t allow trades? Japan?

      Farmer’s Nite….hmmm. I remember one at Riverfront Stadium where Johnny Bench milked a cow on the infield, but I have no idea what the one at the Kingdome might entail, besides a 6:00 am start time. Perhaps they mean Farmers Insurance? Free policies to the first 10 fans?

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