August Preliminary Report: Twins

Minnesota Twins
• To kick off August, the Twins will visit the Mariners in Seattle for a 3-game midweek series, the first time Minnesota has played at the Kingdome since the first week of April, when the Twins took 4 of 5 games from the M’s to open the SP78 season.

• After starting the year with a dominating 19-7 mark, the Twins have tapered off quite a bit, playing .500 ball through the end of July, and falling from first to third in the AL West race. Part of the problem could be attributed to lack of home run production (just 14 last month) and pitching (a team ERA of 4.29 for July). However, their playoff hopes are still very much alive, as they begin the new month just 6½ games behind the division-leading Rangers.

• This season, Minnesota spent 88 days in first-place in the AL West before surrendering the top spot to Texas in mid-July.

• The Twins will go with a 4-man rotation for August: Dave Goltz, Roger Erickson, Geoff Zahn, and Gary Serum. Also, the starting lineup will now feature outfielders Bombo Rivera and Willie Norwood platooning in left, and Jose Morales and Glenn Adams sharing designated hitter assignments.

• Outfielder Hosken Powell led the squad in batting with a .306 mark in July, perhaps the lowest team-leading average in the AL. Rod Carew was the team hits leader with 32, but his batting for the month was an uncharacteristically low .271.

• The exhibition match-up at Lucas County Stadium between the Twins and their AAA affiliate, the Toledo Mud Hens, which was cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances on June 5th, has been rescheduled for August 28th.


2 responses to “August Preliminary Report: Twins

  1. Is there a story to the cancellation of the exhibition game? Was it the release of Space Invaders, the arcade game?

    • As opposed to what…Space Invaders, the snack food? Actually, no real story, except I’d only recently discovered that the Twins and Mud Hens had played that game. I own a Twins program and media guide, both from 1978, and neither mentions the game…except on the media guide’s back cover, where the small multi-colored grid schedule is located, and where I stumbled upon it by chance just a week ago. I’ve missed a few exhibition games from early in the season, simply because early on I didn’t have the resources to know about them. This game, though, sounded too cool to miss: Minnesota vs Toledo at Lucas County Stadium, where I saw a Hens game back in 1984. So I did what any omnipotent commissioner would do, and had the game rescheduled to suit my needs.

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