Celebrating Two Years!

SP78 2nd Anniversary - sign
Today is the 2nd anniversary of the Statis Pro 1978 Replay blog site, and it was on this date 34 years ago that the SP78 season had its humble beginnings, with an NL match-up between the Astros and Reds at Riverfront Stadium. Thanks as always for being a fan and a visitor to the site, and wherever you may be today, please be sure to stop by your local Big Boy restaurant for a complimentary slice of hot fudge cake or strawberry pie!

2 responses to “Celebrating Two Years!

  1. Hey, if I’m going to see the Big Boy, I’m having me a Silver Goblet chocolate shake. The Radio Shack in the background of the picture has a modern day logo, so I’m not sure where this Big Boy is, but I’m heading out now to celebrate 2 years of SP78 blog fun! Thanks for making the site ever-readable, and when concession revenues allow you to expand your web team, I look forward to seeing more SP78 photos, score sheets, programs, etc!

    • Thanks for the comments, and thanks for being an A-1 follower of the site (and I don’t mean the steak sauce). Just mention my name at your nearby Vip’s Big Boy, and they’ll set you up with a large goblet, on the house.

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