August Preliminary Report: White Sox

Chicago White Sox
• After back-to-back doubleheaders to finish the month of July, the White Sox will play a single game against the Red Sox on August 1st before taking two merciful days off to rest and recuperate. With the worst record in the major leagues, the Chisox will be doing some experimenting with their roster in August and September, calling up several players from AAA so coaches can observe their skills at the major league level, in an early preparation for the 1979 season.

• Part of that mindset included the call-up of first baseman Jim Breazeale and outfielder Junior Moore (who mostly will serve as DH); both players will start against left-handed pitching, as will catcher Mike Colbern, who was called up to the parent club on July 5th.

• Chicago’s 5-man starting rotation for August will consist of Steve Stone, Wilbur Wood, Ken Kravec, Francisco Barrios (returning from his two-day stint in the minors), and Mike Proly. With starters Rich Wortham and Jack Kucek out with injuries, Proly is now the only PB 2-7 pitcher on the squad.

• Both Wood and Kravec had won-lost records of 0-5 in July.

• Shortstop Don Kessinger, quietly batting in the ninth spot every game, led all starters in July with a .321 average, and his total of 36 hits was second best on the team, behind Bob Molinaro’s 38. With those numbers, manager Larry Doby has moved Kessinger up to the #3 spot in the batting order (and #2 against left-handers).

• Suspended pitcher Ross Baumgarten will return from his five days off on August 2nd, at which point he will be sent to the Iowa Oaks of the American Assocation.

• August 27th is Beer Case Stacking Night at Comiskey Park!

4 responses to “August Preliminary Report: White Sox

  1. I recommend adding LaGrow to the rotation of Stone, Wood and Kravec, so that it’s an all-alliterative rotation. Otherwise, it’s not likely that they can catch the Mariners, so “Pine for ’79” will be the motto for the remainder of the campaign.

    • Would it help if I changed Francisco Barrios’ first name to ‘Bobo’? And here’s a question for you: which team, who right now is between 10 and 20 games out, do you think has the best chance of making a comeback and taking over first place in their division? And which first-place team do you see taking a sudden nosedive?

  2. I’m going to go with the Orioles as the team most likely to make a late run, and I’d almost bet on the Phillies losing a part of their lead between now and October. They’ll hang on to win the East, but it’ll be by less than the 16 game margin they currently have. The Twins are the most likely third place team to make the playoffs. And what if Barrios married Julio Franco instead (or John Franco, or Mayor McFranco)?

    • Strangely enough, Mayor McFranco is scheduled to throw out the first pitch at the Chisox-Bosox game on August 1st. And tomorrow, he’s scheduled to frighten some children at a McDonald’s in Madrid.

      I agree with your theory on the Phillies…or at least, I hope for your theory on the Phillies; I’d love to see the Cubs make it close. As for a comeback team, I’m still looking at the A’s. And since I actually control the games, and can also control the outcomes (six straight intentional walks score three runs for Oakland!), who knows what might happen in the AL West!

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