August Preliminary Report: Red Sox

Boston Red Sox
• The Sox hope to regain their footing and make a run for the AL East flag after a disastrous July, that saw them build a solid 10-5 mark by the 16th but go 3-12 the remainder of the month, capped off with a 4-game losing streak and a twinbill sweep by the last-place White Sox.

• Adding to their woes was the injury to ace Dennis Eckersley on the final day of the month, when Chisox batter Alan Bannister lined a shot off his pitching hand in the first game of their doubleheader at Fenway Park; Eckersley suffered a swollen index and middle finger, and it’s predicted he’ll be out for five to ten days. At the time of his injury, Eckersley was 12-5 with a 3.03 ERA.

• With Eckersley out, and with only one pitcher available at Pawtucket, manager Don Zimmer has decided to go with a 4-man rotation until Eckersley’s return: Mike Torrez, Luis Tiant, Bill Lee, and Jim Wright. Allen Ripley will work out of the bullpen, but will spot start when necessary.

• Bosox pitchers hit 15 opposing batters in July, leading both leagues in that category. Through June, the staff had plunked only nine, so it’s obvious the frustrations of the season are beginning to take their toll.

• Boston will go with a completely revamped lineup for August, that mirrors their actual starting eight from 1978. The lineup makes no sense to me, but it must have made sense to Zimmer, having managed them to plenty more wins in 1978 than I have. Jim Rice will now be stationed in left field for every game, with George ‘Boomer’ Scott and Carl Yastrzemski platooning at first base. Against left-handed pitching, Scott will take over at first, and Yaz will shift to designated hitter. Bob Bailey and Jack Brohamer will also handle DH duties. Rick Burleson will now lead-off, and Jerry Remy will drop to the second spot (Remy, an ‘A’ base stealer, is the only player above a ‘D’ on the team), while Rice will bat third, and Yaz will be the new clean-up hitter.

• Yaz led the team in batting in July, hitting an impressive .347 while leading the team in hits (41), home runs (6), and RBI (16).

2 responses to “August Preliminary Report: Red Sox

  1. This may be the best and most comprehensive preliminary report so far, thanks. The one thing that stood out to me, though, was “with only one pitcher available at Pawtucket”. It conjured up images in my head of the PawSox going on a fifteen game losing streak while the peanut vendors and ball girls are asked to come in and pitch. Maybe even a “Get to the park early and bring your mitt, you may be pitching tonight” promotion.

    • Actually, after I posted it, I thought, ‘Why does this one seem better than the others? I need to do them ALL like this.’ And yeah, the Sox are WAY deficient in the AAA department: Bobby Sprowl (a PB 2-5 pitcher), Fred Kendall, Sam Bowen, and Allen Ripley…and after Ripley was called up, there are now only three players in Pawtucket! But I guess in the real ’78 season, the Red Sox played well enough, and stayed healthy long enough, that they didn’t need help from the minors. But that doesn’t do ME any good, does it? Who knows, I just may bring in a ball girl or two to pitch for the PawSox. And cover the seven other vacant positions as well.

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