August Preliminary Report: Orioles

Baltimore Orioles
• The Orioles will take August 1st off, but will return on the 2nd with a 7:30 game at Memorial Stadium, which kicks off a quick 2-game set against the Brewers before they hit the road for games in New York and Toronto.

• Baltimore had the best team W-L record of their season in July, going 16-13 and holding on to 4th place in the AL East.

• The O’s hit .291 as a team in July, which explains their winning record for the month, but with a pitching staff that recorded a painful earned run average of 5.11, it’s surprising the club didn’t do worse. And just how did Mike Flanagan go 4-1 while recording a 5.23 ERA?

• The Orioles will open their August slate with their ace Jim Palmer on the mound, who has a 2.36 ERA on the year but is struggling in the won-lost column, posting a 9-7 mark through July 31st. The O’s will use a 4-man rotation like they did in the actual 1978 season, with Mike Flanagan, Denny Martinez, and Scott McGregor rounding out the starting staff.

• Rookie starting pitcher Sammy Stewart and outfielder Andy Mora were sent to the Rochester Red Wings of the International League on August 1st, and were replaced on the roster by slugging outfielder Gary Roenicke (HR range of  25-32) and pitcher John Flinn, who went 1-0 with a 4.69 ERA in three games with the O’s earlier this season, before he was shipped to the minors on May 27th.

• Jim Palmer’s third appearance in August will be the 413th of his career, passing Dave McNally’s total of 412 and making him the all-time Orioles leader in games pitched. The landmark start will probably take place on August 10th, at home against the Royals.

• August 26th is Hardee’s Backpack Night at Memorial Stadium!

2 responses to “August Preliminary Report: Orioles

  1. Horishee, It’s Backpack Night! ’78 is in between the O’s World Series wins – In the real ’78, all four starters had at least 10 wins and 10 losses for some outstanding mediocrity, if you ask me. I’ll bet that doesn’t happen these days!

    • Ha! I knew that would bring back fond memories of that long-ago Backpack Night! I can’t remember…was that us pretending Vin Scully was making that exclamation? Where did the accent come from?

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