SP78 Will Open August This Weekend

Statis Pro 1978 Replay, about to enter its 35th year of play, will resume its season this Friday, August 1st, with the first NL game of August, a meeting between the Cardinals and Cubs at Wrigley Field in Chicago. The game will feature a pitching match-up of Silvio Martinez and Cubs rookie Manny Seoane, who will be making just his second start of the year.

The game will also be the first to be played at ‘AZ14’, the new SP78 site established in June of this year in Gilbert, Arizona. The game will be labeled #1386, and though it will be the only SP78 contest to take place that evening, the remainder of the weekend will see at least two more NL games played, if not more.

Local affiliates KSD in St Louis and WGN in Chicago will carry the game on television, while SP78 Radio will offer a national broadcast with Keith Jackson and Al Trautwig calling the action live from Chicago.

6 responses to “SP78 Will Open August This Weekend

  1. This will be the 84th SP78 Opening Day for a venue. I wonder if we counted all first MLB games at any location from today backwards until we reached 84, if we would be at or past 1978. Any guess?

    • I would guess well past 1978. If each team moved into a new home dating back to 1978, we’d only be at 30 (if that’s how many teams are in the major leagues right now…I’ve lost count). If they all moved twice, we’d be at 60…and even if you include new teams, defunct teams, and move-happy teams, you’d still have to factor out the Cubs, Dodgers, Red Sox, Angels, and A’s, who are still playing at their pre-’78 ballparks.

      Am I playing this game right? If so, what are your thoughts?

  2. You are close. I’m willing to consider ANY MLB regular season game, including exhibitions, to match your season. If we change the rules to stadium names, you’re not even close. Cooperstown counts, if it’s after Opening Day. My guess is that by the end of your season, your sites will surpass the post-78 sites, but haven’t yet.

    • So just to be sure I’m getting this right: for example, for the Twins, they opened the Metrodome in 1982 and Target Field in 2010, so that would count as 2 towards the 84 counting back to 1978, correct? I guess what’s confusing me now (among other things in my life) is why would Cooperstown count? If anything, it would count just once, since it opened in 1920, and would have no bearing on our ‘contest’ (unless you count the ‘home’ team for every Hall of Fame game as playing in a new site), and if you include every exhibition game played throughout the years (the Rangers at the Alamodome, the Yankees at the Superdome), then yeah, I can see the 84-count being bypassed well before 1978.

      And I don’t know if I’ll ever pass real baseball’s post-1978 new-site totals, especially with my plan to be done with the SP78 season in seven years. But who knows…maybe if I start playing anywhere and everywhere: the library in Gilbert, the weight room at my apartment complex, the Safeway in Mesa, the other Safeway in Mesa, the flood canal in Chandler, the Taco Bell across the street. Hell, I could pass real baseball by the end of the year!

  3. You are right about the Twins, and yes, the Alamodome and Superdome count. Next summer, there will be 30 new venues in four days when they play 60 games in 30 minor league parks, and since it’s in July – they all count. And, hey – it was just a question, a musing. There are no prizes for first place.

    • Hey, whether it’s a question, a musing, or a threat, I still want to respond in a logical and precise manner! And with the added news of 30 new real-life venues in a 4-day span (something even SP78 can’t top!), I just have one thing to say about it all: Bud Selig, please just go away.

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