August Preliminary Report: Giants

San Francisco Giants
• If you’re wondering how the Giants went 20-9 in July, look no further than their pitching: a team ERA of 1.58 for the month! The question is, with an ERA that low, how did they ever lose nine games?

• Surprisingly, a PB 2-5 pitcher was one of the main cogs in that 20-9 run: seven-year veteran Charlie Williams, who went 4-0 in July with a 1.20 ERA. Just one more win will tie him for his career season high, accomplished in 1977.

• Willie McCovey is still three home runs shy of his 500th, and after spending June and July as the Giants’ primary first baseman in hopes he’d connect for those three (after hitting only one over those two months), manager Joe Altobelli has decided to move hot-hitting Mike Ivie back as the team’s daily first baseman. If Ivie stays hot (he’s currently hitting .357 for the year), McCovey may not have a chance to hit #500 until 1979.

• When San Francisco called up catcher John Tamargo from their minor league affiliate on July 31st, it was the first time this season they’d brought up a non-pitcher from AAA. One day later, infielder Tom Heintzelman was called up to replace Vic Harris, who’d been sent down to Phoenix of the PCL.

• Backup outfielders Jim Dwyer and Heity Cruz will platoon in left field while Terry Whitfield completes his two-week stint on the DL.

• Vida Blue, John Montefusco, Bob Knepper, and Ed Halicki will serve as the Giants’ starting four for August; Jim Barr will move to the bullpen, but will spot start when necessary.

2 responses to “August Preliminary Report: Giants

  1. Tough as it is on a legend, starting Ivie is the right thing to do. I’m pulling for the Reds, Padres and Dodgers before the Giants, though, so maybe leaving Willie Mac out there struggling is a good idea. Heck, try him at leadoff! That starting rotation is pretty strong – and they’re all different types of pitchers, so I’ll bet it’s tough to see them all in a 4 game series.

    • Yeah, I had a hard time with the McCovey situation…but that doesn’t mean he’ll never play again. I’ll have him start a few games, and take over defensively at first in games where the Giants have a comfortable lead. I just couldn’t keep Ivie out with that average, especially with the Giants just four games out in the West. It would’ve been interesting to have McCovey lead off, though…and then have him attempt to steal whenever he got on.

      I’ll have to go through the new NL rotations and see which team looks to have the toughest starting squad. The Giants do look pretty good with that ERA; however, on paper (or cardstock) I think the Phillies still have the staff to beat.

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