August Preliminary Report: Expos

Montreal Expos
• The Expos played 31 games in July, winning 13 and losing 18, but finished the month on a 7-game winning streak, which immediately followed a 7-game losing streak.

• Contributing to the 31-game total were five doubleheaders, including a stretch of three twinbills played in the span of one week! Surprisingly enough, all five doubleheaders were scheduled, and not one included a make-up of a postponed game.

• Through June, second baseman Dave Cash led the NL in hit-by-pitches, with 8. In July alone, he was hit five times. It’s not clear whether he’s universally disliked, or stands just a little too close to the plate.

• Thanks once again to the geniuses at Avalon Hill, the Expos only have three non-pitchers available in AAA…and all three are catchers! Missing from the team are Wayne Garrett, Tommy Hutton, and Jerry White, who started the ’78 season with Montreal, but due to the game company’s idea of NOT having players on their opening day clubs, those three had been placed with the teams they’d been traded to later in the season. And with nothing but backstops in the minors, the Expos can ill-afford to  get injured; still, they’ve already had eight non-catchers injured, for a total of 34 games lost.

• With an abundance of pitchers on the current roster, Wayne Twitchell was sent to the Denver Bears of the American Association, and catcher Bob Reece was recalled to the parent club to act as a pinch-hitter and emergency backup to Gary Carter and Ed Herrmann.

• Montreal will go with the same 5-man starting rotation they used in July: Steve Rogers, Ross Grimsley, Rudy May, Hal Dues, and Bill Atkinson. Rookie Dave Palmer, who won his major league debut as a starter on July 25th against the Astros, will be used out of the bullpen for the remainder of the season.

2 responses to “August Preliminary Report: Expos

  1. Andre Dawson led the team in ’78 with 12 HBP’s, and it was because he was universally disliked. Cash has a long way to go to catch former Expo Ron Hunt, who was hit 114 times in just four seasons with Montreal, and yes, I think he stood on the plate. Gary Carter was pretty durable in ’78, but you never know when a foul tip is going to smack you, so it’s best to be prepared.

    • I think Cash has a good chance of topping Dawson’s actual team lead in plunks, but not without some controversy. Cash’s HBP numbers are the widest I’ve ever seen on a player’s Statis Pro card: 35-41. Dawson’s is 53-54, and he had 12 HBP’s in 1978, so that would mean that Cash had….wait, ZERO in 1978? Yes, he had NO hit-by-pitches in ’78, yet he had a ton of walks, and his walk range is blank! Hmmm…guess which two numbers are right next to each other on a player card! Thanks again, Avalon Hill morons!

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