August Preliminary Report: Braves

Atlanta Braves
• The Braves open August at home with two games against the Reds and three against the Astros; from there, they depart on a 13-game road trip before wrapping up the month with nine games back at Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium.

• Pitchers Jim Bouton and Mickey Mahler were sent down to Richmond of the International League, and pitcher Frank LaCorte and outfielder Larry Whisenton were called up to fill their roster spots. LaCorte (4-23 in three seasons with the Braves) will join the starting rotation, while Whisenton (four games for Atlanta in 1977) will be used primarily as a left-handed pinch-hitter.

• Third baseman Bob Horner returns from the 30-day disabled list—his second trip there this season—on August 17th.

• Darrel Chaney’s first hit of August will be the 500th of his career.

• The Braves will go with a four-man starting rotation: Phil Niekro, Preston Hanna, Larry McWilliams, and LaCorte. Of those four, three are call-ups from AAA Richmond.

• Atlanta’s starting lineup will basically remain unchanged, with Gilbreath continuing to cover for Horner at third base. Catchers Joe Nolan and Biff Pocoroba will share catching duties, and their starts will depend on whether a left-handed or right-handed pitcher starts for the opposing team.


2 responses to “August Preliminary Report: Braves

  1. Not that the Braves will finish anywhere but the basement, but why are we babying (or should I say “boobying”) Horner by continuing to play Gilbreath at the hot corner? If i were the Braves, I’d be drafting some pitching soon, that staff is atrocious! Where’s that Murphy kid – doesn’t he catch some? No worries in A-Town, they’ll be better than average for the next 20 years, win about 15 division championships and maybe one World Series while no one is looking.

    • Are you asking why I’m not playing Horner while he’s injured? He was hit by a line drive, I think right in the bratwurst, so he needed a little time off to learn how to stand upright again. Cut him a little slack! And don’t worry, when he gets back on the 17th, he’ll go right back to 3B, and Gilbreath will return to backing up the other infield positions.

      And yeah, that Braves pitching staff is a mess. Remember Jamie Easterly? How could you forget, right? His ERA for the month of July, in seven appearances, was 13.60! And if you’re wondering why he wasn’t sent down to Richmond, don’t worry, he’s next in line if he doesn’t start showing some improvement. And Murphy has caught in six games so far for Atlanta, but he’s spent most of the season at first. And believe it or not, the SP78 Braves lead the entire major leagues in one category…can you guess which one?

      The answer, spelled backwards: ecnadnetta.

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