TWISP Notes #61

June 10, 2014

• The SP78 month of July has ended, with the Angels defeating the A’s 6-3 in front of a packed house at Anaheim Stadium, and now preparations are being made for the start of August. A long list of items are on my agenda: updating stats, revamping rosters and lineups, creating new 4-man pitching rotations, getting more photos uploaded to the site, and about a dozen other tasks I’d like to have completed before I start play again. Look for these additions throughout the coming weeks.

• The Cardinals are prepping rookie sensation Todd Benefiel for an August 1st call-up, following his last game with the AAA Springfield Redbirds on July 31st, where he went 0-for-1 with three walks, two runs scored, and a stolen base against the Oklahoma City 89ers. In 19 games with the Redbirds, Benefiel batted .345 with 19 walks and 30 stolen bases.

• Angels rookie Dave Machemer continues to tear apart AL pitching, connecting for his second grand slam in just seven major league games as the Angels clipped the A’s 6-3 in SP78’s final meeting of July. Machemer had an opportunity for his third slammer a few innings later, when he batted with the bases jammed in the seventh, but he instead coaxed a walk from reliever Bob Lacey, collecting his fifth RBI of the game. In his 19 at-bats for July, Machemer batted .368 with four HR’s and 14 RBI, and will battle Bobby Grich for the starting second base job in August.

• After being swept by the Rangers in the first of two back-to-back doubleheaders, the White Sox bounced back and took two from the Red Sox the following day, dominating Boston by scores of 11-2 and 6-3. For the Chisox, it was their fifth doubleheader of the month, and their first twinbill sweep of the season. Hot-hitting Mike Squires had six doubles on the day for Chicago.

• During a week-long visit here in San Diego in April, Steve P managed his first SP78 games against me since 2002, taking two of three NL contests at a Hampton Inn near Del Mar. The two victories improved his lifetime W-L record to 23-19.

• The Astros lost two outfielders to injuries on July 30th when Terry Puhl and Dennis Walling collided while chasing a sinking line drive off the bat of Mets outfielder Elliott Maddox, who circled the bases on the play and was credited with the first inside-the-park HR of his career. Both Puhl and Walling were helped off the field, and were placed on the 15-day disabled list the following day.

• Tigers relief ace John Hiller is 6-0 with 12 saves and an ERA of 0.67 through July.

• Braves infielder Darrel Chaney played third base for the first time this season, against the Reds on July 31st, after handling 90 games at short; regular third- sacker Bob Horner is still on the DL.

• With the activation of outfielder Joe Wallis—who last played in 1999—from the 30-day disabled list, the A’s have sent Tony Armas to their AAA affiliate in Vancouver. They next day, they sent Pete Broberg (0-4 with a 7.78 ERA for July) to Vancouver and recalled pitcher Steve McCatty to the parent club.

• After an attempt to move SP78 headquarters to the San Diego area was derailed, a new site has been secured in Gilbert, Arizona, and will host its first match-up when the season resumes with the August 1st slate of games. The new location will carry the designation AZ14.

2 responses to “TWISP Notes #61

  1. I read this first on my phone when it was posted and I forgot to come back and comment, so here I am. 1) Looking forward to the site updates! 2) I don’t remember Benefiel’s strength being pitch selection, but he’s got quite a few walks, so that’s cool. Many SB opportunities. 3) Who is this Machemer guy? I don’t remember him at all – I think you made him up. 4) Go Sox – gotta root for the underdog. 5) That guy’s a good manager – you should use him more often. If the Braves had any pitching, he’d have been 3-0. 6) Seems like SP78 has lots of collisions. Maybe try DayGlo stirrups. Just a thought. 7) One of my favorite AL pitchers! 8) Good for Chaney, sucks for Rookie of the Year candidate Horner. 9) 15 years. Is he still in shape? That Armas guy might turn out to be OK, but he whiffs a lot. 10) Good luck at AZ14 – it looks cool on Google Maps, but beware of the short porch in right field – it could be a hitter’s park.

    • 1a) After this weekend’s move back to AZ, I’ll be able to concentrate a lot more on the updates!
      2a) I think you’ll be surprised how many stolen bases Benefiel ends up with over the final two months; I think his goal is to get on base in any way possible, just so he can happily run his way into scoring position.
      3a) Machemer lasted two seasons in the majors, the first with California and the second with Detroit, for a grand total of 29 games, 48 at-bats, and one home run. If he’d played like he did in SP78, his career might’ve lasted for years.
      4a) With my revamped pitching staff and lineup for the Chisox, I’m curious to see how they do in August. Of course, I’m saying that about every team and their revamped lineups!
      5a) Yes, but a good manager wouldn’t have brought in Jamie Easterly.
      6a) The Astros have DayGlo uniforms, for chrissake, and look what happened!
      7a) One of my favorites, too…I still have the newspaper clipping announcing his retirement in 1980.
      8a) And this is Horner’s second stint on the 30-day DL!
      9a) Yes, he’s in great shape. He was cryogenically preserved, along with Andy Etchebarren and Merv Rettenmund, for those 15 years.
      10a) I’m not concerned about the short porch…it’s the three-story drop that worries me.

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