Panicked Chisox Prep for Back-to-Back Twinbills

CHI-A - Tired Man logo whiteWith the realization that their squad had back-to-back doubleheaders scheduled by league offices for July 30th and 31st, the Chicago White Sox suddenly had several situations to contend with at once…and not one of them promising. “We’re in a whole heap of trouble,” stated Chicago manager Larry Doby, after yesterday’s 12-6 loss to the Rangers at Comiskey. “We used six pitchers tonight, and now we have nobody left. Everybody’s just flat-out dead.”

With Rich Wortham on the disabled list, recent call-up Ross Baumgarten suspended for five days, and only one rested starting pitcher on their roster, the Sox found themselves in dire need of pitching, and nowhere to go but down…as in, down to the minor leagues, and their American Association affiliate in Des Moines.

First off, 17-year vet Wilbur Wood—0-4 for July, 4-13 for the season, and on his way to AAA Iowa early Sunday morning—was stopped at the airport before he could catch his charter flight, and made a hasty return to Comiskey Park in time to start the day’s second game. Next, Francisco Barrios, who had thrown four relief innings the previous two nights and was in no shape to even pitch pennies, was quickly shipped to the Iowa Oaks on a temporary basis—along with outfielder Thad Bosley—in exchange for pitchers Mike Proly and Jack Kucek, who returned to the parent club on an emergency recall, and will start the third and fourth games on Monday, well-rested and eager to prove themselves worthy of a permanent stay.

But that’s not the end of it. After at least eighteen innings of baseball on Sunday, the tired Sox will have to catch a red-eye flight from Chicago to Boston, for Monday’s pair of games against the Red Sox at Fenway Park, and yet eighteen more innings of work. And with utility player Bosley now with the Oaks, the Chisox will be short one bench player for all four games, causing even more misery for an already strapped South Side squad.

Luckily, relief is in sight: three days from now, on Wednesday, the White Sox will have a welcome day off, their first since July 12th. For some players, it’s a ray of sunshine in the midst of an otherwise bleak and unforgiving 10-game road trip, but for others, a day of rest is still a long way off. “Just shoot me now,” joked veteran shortstop Don Kessinger. “I’m too old for this crap.”

4 responses to “Panicked Chisox Prep for Back-to-Back Twinbills

  1. Desperate times call for desperate measures, my friend. Perhaps this will spark the Chisox to come together as a team and find their true potential. Cracks me up that all those transactions had to be made to accommodate the twinbills, but it makes for a great story, and Kessinger IS too old for that crap!

    • I think what’s going to spark the Sox is that they’ll now have two PB 2-7 pitchers on their roster, and a third when Wortham returns from the DL. We’ll see how they do when I re-structure their lineups and have these three in the starting rotation. Who knows…maybe a sixth-place finish is in the cards. Or the Cards, depending on how you look at it.

  2. I love your commentary Todd! So much so that it makes me want to go watch some REAL boys of summer. NO, not the Dodgers, or the Padres. The REAL players. The guys that go out and play in the spring, in hopes of showing something impressive. Unfortunately, I’ve heard that the officials are going to start the instant replay shenanigans. I guess you’ll have to keep playing and posting SP78 so I can get my baseball fix.

    • Deb, it’s an honor and a privilege to be your source for baseball fixations…but you’ll have to enjoy spring training on your own, since I’ve departed that great state of Cactus League games, Arizona, and now live in that great state of major league games, California. Not that I care about anything baseball past the 1993 season, of course.

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