Tigers Promote Backstop Kimm To Evansville

The Detroit Tigers, after discovering they were the only team in the major leagues not to have a third-string catcher on their parent club or AAA roster, immediately promoted catcher Bruce Kimm from the AA Montgomery Rebels of the Southern League to the AAA Evansville Triplets of the American Association, where he’ll share catching duties with current backstops Steve Patchin and Bob Adams.

Kimm, who spent the previous two seasons with the Tigers serving as pitcher Mark Fidrych’s personal catcher, will now be available for a call-up to the junior circuit should an injury to or lack of production by Milt May or Lance Parrish create a need for a replacement back-up. A right-hander who began his career as an 18-year-old with the Gulf Port League White Sox in 1969, Kimm worked his way up through the Sox minor league system before being traded to the Tigers in 1973. In just three years he made his major league debut, against the Twins on May 4th, and eleven days later he caught rookie phenom Fidrych for the first time, and continued to do so for the remainder of the season.

“Every time I catch we draw 50,000 people,” he jokingly told Sports Illustrated in 1976, referring to the record-breaking crowds filling Tiger Stadium to see Fidrych pitch.

2 responses to “Tigers Promote Backstop Kimm To Evansville

  1. Haha…catchers were Patchin and Adams…where is Robin Williams when you need him?

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